LucidSound are fast making waves in the gaming headset market, but today they are threatening to turn it on its head with a whole new look at how we go about gaming. The LS15X is coming – and you would never have seen anything like it!

A true wireless gaming solution, bringing maximum comfort and crystal clear chat, the LS15X will work with Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio when it ships this Winter. There will be no cables, and no base station either.

The LS15X is unique from typical gaming headsets offering Xbox players a way to enjoy richly detailed audio without the ear fatigue, heat, or moisture concerns common when wearing a traditional headset for a sustained gaming session. Designed to sit on the shoulders and neck, extremely lightweight and barely noticeable to the gamer making it a great solution for gamers who wear glasses or earrings. Integrated stereo speakers can be used in lieu of the earbuds that provide a personal audio space allowing players to keep track of the action while reducing isolation and allowing awareness of external sounds. Communication is handled with an advanced digital microphone that has been engineered for clear and reliable voice communications while blocking out ambient audio to teammates.

“LucidSound is designing and engineering new audio products for this generation of gaming,” said Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound. “In May of this year, we announced the world’s first headset to connect directly to Xbox One consoles and it means a lot to us to hear the positive reaction from the Xbox community. With the LS15X, we’re raising the bar, offering an entirely new concept in gaming audio which we feel will be a generational leap forward for Xbox gamers everywhere.”

The LS15X features dockable earbuds which can be used in either mono or stereo configuration, offering impressive levels of audio fidelity. Additioanlly, the earbuds are ‘Surround Sound Ready’ with Windows Sonic for Headphones, as well as Dolby® Atmos™ for Headphones providing optional surround sound to the player. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides ample gaming per charge and Windows 10 users can connect the LS15X directly to new PCs that include built-in Xbox Wireless technology or by using the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.

The LS15X gaming headset looks absolutely stunning. Do you agree? Will you be heading out to purchase this when it releases? Let us know in the comments below.

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