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From word go The Man of Medan has promised a hugely intriguing experience, with a narrative and tale that has fully immersed many gamer. Now though there’s the chance for even more gamers to get in on the action, thanks to a free Buddy Pass option, whilst those who have the game already can also discover a new alternative path thanks to the free Curator’s Cut.

Available to download for free and add into Man of Medan, The Curator’s Cut is an alternative viewpoint that will provide additional scenes to Man of Medan, unlocking after the main story has been completed.

Running with a different set of consequences and providing not just an alternative view of the game, but brand new player choices and decisions, if you have previously fallen in love with what The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan has provided, then there is now a massive reason to head back in.

If you wish to download it, get over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or Steam right now.

But further to that and all owners of Man of Medan – or at least those who purchase the game before 6th January 2020 – will gain access to a free Friend’s Pass, letting one of their friends who doesn’t already own the game the opportunity to play through things via the Shared Story Multiplayer. They’ll only be able to play through the once though.

man of medan friends pass

Bandai Namco have confirmed that the offer is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but the friend must be playing on the same platform. All they’ll need to do is download the Trial version of Man of Medan, before seeing the Friend’s Pass made available via a patch.

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Will these new additions to Man of Medan see you firing up the game again – or for the first time? Let us know in the comments below.


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