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MAONO DM30 RGB USB Gaming Microphone Review


Whether you partake in online Xbox gaming sessions, are a streamer, or host a weekly gaming podcast, you will use a microphone, and if you are on the hunt for a new budget microphone then the Maono DM30 RGB might just be what you need. However, can a USB microphone for under $50 provide the quality you are seeking? We were lucky enough to try it out, so read on for our honest opinion.

Despite sounding like the name of a Disney character, Maono are in fact an up and coming technology company with the vision of becoming a global leading brand of internet audio products. The DM30 RGB is one of their mid-level microphones, designed with gamers in mind.

maono mic review 1
The MAONO DM30 RGB in action

We all know that looks are important, and the DM30 RGB doesn’t disappoint on that front. Its all metal body is sleek and compact and would look great adorning any desk. It comes in four colours: pink, purple, black and white but that isn’t where the colour ends. The RGB in its name is a clue to the fact that when it’s plugged in it lights up with one of five adjustable dynamic multi-colour gradients and seven static solid colours, which can be switched up at any time using a button on the base of the microphone. Even though this has no bearing on the most important feature of a microphone – sound quality – it’s a fun touch and makes the DM30 RGB stand out from the competition of less colourful alternatives. It would look great making an appearance in any Twitch stream.

maono mic review 2
Our set up

Also on the base are a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB-C port, which connects to a dual end USB cable, enabling connection to either a USB-A or USB-C port on your device. And getting started with the DM30 RGB is as simple as that, plug it in and off you go – our laptop had no trouble connecting.

The DM30 RGB comes attached to a metal stand which allows you to move the mic up and down and from side to side in order to adjust it to multiple angles. The base comes with non-slip silicone pads, to keep it secured firmly to your desk effectively isolating vibration. The threading on the mic that attaches it to the stand also allows you to connect it to a boom arm, if you prefer.

On the face of the DM30 RGB is a 3-in-1 dial that allows you to mute, switch between microphone and headphone mode and adjust headphone volume. We found this feature to be great when creating and editing video content, as it allowed us to switch between recording and listening to audio at a touch of a button, but we can also see how it would be useful when online gaming and streaming as well.

maono mic review 2
A yellow mic?

But let’s get to the heart of the review – what does the DM30 RBG sound like? It comes with a whole range of complicated-sounding technical features, including professional compressor technology, which intelligently adjusts and controls signal strength to automatically prevent sound distortion caused by excessive volume. It also has a cardioid polar pattern, which means it is designed to primarily capture sound from the front (your voice) while minimising sounds coming from the sides and rear (such as the dog barking or traffic outside) plus four kinds of equalisation mode adjustment that highlight the human voice. The only thing that is missing from the DM30 is a shield, which is used on microphones to minimise unwanted sounds and improve audio quality. But, would anyone notice its absence? 

We decided to do a little test to get some unbiased opinions on the DM30 RGB’s sound quality. Using the same software we recorded the same content on our current microphone (a $150+ mic with a shield) and the DM30 RGB and played them back to a willing audience. Two out of three preferred the DM30 RGB, saying that it had a clearer, crisper sound. We have to agree that the sound quality of the DM30 RGB far surpassed our expectations, especially based on its price. It would sound even better with a shield attached. However, we thought that the sound output is a little tinny and less rich sounding than a more expensive mic but it’s more than decent enough for a casual gamer.

If, however, you’re not happy with the sound coming from the DM30 RGB, it is compatible with the Maono Link Software, which is downloadable software that allows you to tweak audio settings and personalise your voice with a tone changer feature.

We were more than a little bit impressed with the MAONO DM30 RGB USB Gaming Microphone. It produces great audio and is an ideal microphone for gamers who don’t have a lot of money to spend but don’t want to compromise on quality. It can be purchased from Maono’s website for $49.99.

Huge thanks go out to Maono for providing us with the DM30 RGB for review. 

Gemma Young
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I'm a part-time gamer and a full-time writer of science-y things. On the few odd occasions that I'm able to wrestle the Xbox controller away from the avid gamers in my family, I enjoy spending time playing puzzle and adventure games.
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