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Ready to head to Mars? Auroch Digital and the European Space Agency are sure you’ll want to with the release of Mars Horizon on Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and PC later in 2019.

Having already been supported by the UK Space Agency (and originally planned for a late 2018 release), Auroch Digital have today confirmed that they’ve now also got the European Space Agency on board, helping with involvement on their upcoming games, Mars Horizon and Mars Horizon: Blast Off.

Mars Horizon will be coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC later in 2019, ensuring that if you’re after an exciting space agency strategy experience, then this is one to keep an eye on.

Mars Horizon: Blast Off! meanwhile is a co-op and competitive card game that puts you in control of a space agency as it attempts to land a crew on Mars. The game revolves around you managing your resources and investing in buildings, technology and vehicles to get there before anyone else.

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Design Director Tomas Rawlings said “Working with ESA is a massive bonus for the Mars Horizon universe. Having access to real launch control specialists who can explain the real life pressures and challenges they face will help make this game as authentic as we can. With the upcoming ExoMars mission in 2020 this is a fantastic time for us to be working with the agency as they put the final stages of preparation on this launch.

The involvement of the ESA is a double win for the gameplay as we’re not only getting to talk to people planning actual missions to Mars but also the people who plan the strategy of the agency itself – all of which we’re planning to use to help shame the gameplay. To say I’m excited by this partnership is an understatement, I’m (excuse the pun) over the Moon!

We have also had such great support from the UK Space Agency who as a member of the ESA introduced us to them. It will help launch this title to the next level.”

A hybrid management and Mission Control turn-based simulation game, Mars Horizon will see you put in charge of a space agency as it attempts to head to Mars. The game takes you away from the role of pilot though, instead seeing us given a focus on the behind the scenes world of space exploration. By utilising real life missions and vehicles, the game is built around recreating the optimistic and authentic journey to Mars.

Excited by the chance to head to the Red Planet? Let us know what you think about Mars Horizon (and Blast Off!), in the comments below.

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