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MegaModz Custom Xbox Controller Review


Gaming has never been more focused on personalisation and customisation than it is now. 

The characters we play as, the cars we drive, the gear we equip and the paths we take – the opportunities are near endless. 

But that personalisation and customisation bleeds down further, away from the on-screen action and into the hardware that powers our games. Special edition consoles and controllers are nothing new, but never have the options been as rich as they currently are. 

You can probably blame the Xbox Design Lab for the plethora of different controllers that are on the market, as gamers get the chance to amend colours and faceplates, thumbsticks and triggers in a variety of hues. 

Or you could blame the likes of MegaModz who take the whole customisation angle to another level with the MegaModz Controller Creator scheme. 

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There are many companies like MegaModz offering gamers the chance to create their own controller in their own unique style. But we’re not sure we’ve ever found the chance to do so with such ease – and yes, we’ve used Microsoft’s brilliant Xbox Design Lab. 

MegaModz run a fairly similar angle to that Xbox Design Lab, but go further in terms of colour schemes, programmable back buttons – although it could be argued that the newly dropped Elite Series 2 customisation allows for that – or, as the company name suggests, full-on controller mods. 

Now, we’re not particularly bothered by the whole modding process that MegaModz allow their customers to run, but should you so wish create an Xbox or PlayStation controller that is totally set-up for, say, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you can do it. MegaModz deal with a host of packages that – whilst not compatible with back-button placements – add in options that will let you improve your kill/death ratios. They do this by implementing fourteen different controller mods, like the chance to shoot faster, to quickscope, to instantly reload, auto heal and more. If you’re one that needs a helping hand in your shooters, we’d guess these would most certainly be for you. 

For us it was the chance to design a stunningly gorgeous controller, without mods but with programmable back buttons, that took our fancy. And it was that which allowed for the creation of the visually glorious chameleon green and chameleon purple controller we have in our hands today, and have been using for a few weeks of gaming. 

megamodz controller review 2

It’s a standard Xbox Series X|S controller but dip dyed in some stunning colours. We opted for a combination of chameleon green faceplate, chameleon purple back, and then a mix of the two colours in terms of buttons, triggers and bumpers. Out of the options available on the MegaModz site, we felt metallic green thumbsticks would set it off well. They do. 

With just new visuals, it’s safe to say that our MegaModz controller is front and centre when it comes to gaming time, not just because it looks good, but because it is also equipped with programmable back buttons. 

We’re not new to these and have used a variety of options with our Elite Series 2 controller as well as through various controllers that make up the best alternatives to the Xbox Elite Controller. But honestly, those on the MegaModz feel great in hand, sitting right where you need them for immediate action, under your middle and ring fingers for perfect actioning. We’re mostly a racer at heart and so slamming some gear shifts up and down on those K buttons (K1 through to K4) adds immediate feel to the likes of Forza Horizon 5, especially now that the Rally Adventure expansion is live. 

Programming them is easy too and whilst MegaModz have a host of instruction pages on their site that walk you through set-ups, there’s a serious ease in allocating set button presses to the back of the MegaModz controller. Simply put, a small switch on the back actions programming, with a simple hold of the button you wish to allocate and that you want to load up, needing a hold for three seconds. Move the switch back to ‘off’ once done and you’ll find your buttons fully aligned. It’s really easy to do, with a blue light indicator detailing success.  

megamodz controller review 4

Visually and there’s not much to complain about either. There are a range of colours and options we could have picked from the MegaModz lineup, and the sheer ease of use of their website makes creating an Xbox or PlayStation controller of your dreams a cinch. Want a solid colour on the front, you can, but there are exclusive designs, custom options, hydro-dipped colours, chrome effects and more all present. In fact, pretty much everything is available across all controller components, ensuring you can mix and match as your imagination allows. If our review unit is anything to go by, you can be sure that your controller will be perfectly flawless too. 

It’s hard to think of too many downsides to how the whole MegaModz process works, although perhaps if they could find a way to allow for fully loaded Xbox controllers with mods AND programmable back buttons, then there’d be few stars left to reach. As it stands, you’re limited to one or the other; back buttons or mods. 

Oh, and it must be said, a MegaModz controller isn’t cheap. Our chameleon masterpiece will set you back some £190 and it doesn’t matter how good it looks, that’s a lot of cash for a pad. You may think the sheer quality of the product allows for the wallet to be that stretched, and we’d agree, but others may not, preferring to stick to their standard colour options from the Xbox Store. 

Whatever, there’s no denying that should you decide to spend five minutes over at MegaModz, you’ll likely come out the other end with a dream controller in your hands. We’d guess you’ll not regret a thing from there on out, either. 

megamodz controller review 3

Huge thanks go out to MegaModz for allowing us the chance to build our dream Xbox controller for review. Hit them up direct if you fancy creating your own. If you do, let us know how your design tastes run.

Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
An Xbox gamer since 2002, I bought the big black box just to play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. I have since loved every second of the 360's life and am now just as obsessed with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S - mostly with the brilliant indie scene that has come to the fore. Gamertag is neil363, feel free to add me to your list.
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