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For many, the wait for Metal Gear Online has been an easy one. With the chance to get hands on with everything The Phantom Pain offers, chances are you would have been lost in a world of grit and determination, seeking out each and every last secret, as you while away the days for the online launch. Well wait no more, Metal Gear Online is here.

Konami have today announced that the servers for Metal Gear Online are up and running, rolling out across the world gradually, with a downloadable patch for The Phantom Pain now available for many. Visible from the main game’s menu, you’ll be able to experience some multiplayer action within the games stunning open world locations. The PC version won’t drop until January, but all other formats are good to go.

Built around a dedicate squad based competitive structure, Online has been fully redesigned from that found in Guns of the Patrioys on PS3. The online element introduces Tactical Team Operations and features a ‘class system’ that more uniquely defines the strengths and abilities of player characters on the battlefield.

All this means that from today, the content available in the Collector’s Edition of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain becomes accessible, giving gamers access to the gold WU S, Pistol and AM MRS-4 weapons, an XP Boost and a Metal Gear Rex Helmet. Day One edition owners can also access their XP Boost content.

You can check out our full review of The Phantom Pain right here…but odds are you’ll just be itching to get involved in the online world. Go get that download started pronto!

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7 years ago

Just picked a copy up. I’m looking forward to trying out online later.