Mixups by POWGI Xbox

Anagrams, the undoing of many successful pub quizzes. Yet the latest release from Lightwood Games allows you to get some practice in for when your local restarts their quiz league. But, as with their more successful puzzle games, Mixups by POWGI on Xbox comes with a devilish twist…

Mixups by POWGI doesn’t contain just one anagram to find. Heck, there aren’t even just two, there are three in each puzzle! All you have is a clue linking the words together – that could be that they are all colours, body parts or numbers – but you must decipher the jumble of letters on the right-hand side into three connected words.

As with all the other ‘… by POWGI’ titles, expect the traditional puns to greet you as you complete a puzzle. At this stage I don’t know what the husband and wife team spend more time doing; creating these tricky little brainteasers or giggling to themselves with their clever word play.

The version arriving on Xbox contains hundreds of new puzzles, along with 90 exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Mixups by POWGI is the latest mind-bending puzzle game from Lightwood Games. If anagrams aren’t your bag, then check out our reviews of all the other by POWGI games – we’ve got Ladders by POWGI, Crypto by POWGI, Roundout by POWGI, One Word by POWGI and Word Sudoku by POWGI all reviewed.

For everyone else, Mixups by POWGI for Xbox is available to download from the Xbox Store right now priced at £6.69, Xbox Series X|S Optimised for good measure. And stay tuned, we’ll have another full review for you soon once we’ve got our heads around how Mixups works.

Game Description:

The mixed-up anagram puzzle, where three connected words are hidden among a jumble of letters. There’s only one solution that uses every letter once, and it’s more challenging than you might think! Mixups by POWGI contains more than 600 hand-crafted puzzles covering a variety of topics, which will keep you unscrambling for hours! If you like anagram games, you’ll love this new challenge.

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