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There’s pretty much a simulator for everything, whether you are looking to drive a bus, fight fires, fly planes or even live out the life of a goat. Now comes the chance for you to mix it up like never before in Alchemist Simulator. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Alchemist Simulator will set you back £10.49, but open the wallet and pay up the cash and you’ll find yourself wandering into a world of the unknown. 

As the name suggests, Alchemist Simulator will give you the chance to work some proper magic, mixing ingredients together in the hope of creating chaos. Or joy – your call. Ancient recipes are the order of the day here, as are the most magical and mysterious of spells, as you look to concoct the finest potions. 

With a spell book to hand and the promise of becoming a powerful magician at the heart of the matter, there’s probably a bit of an opening for Alchemist Simulator to make a mark for itself in the Xbox world. 

If you think that a bit of pot stirring is second nature, then you can grab Alchemist Simulator from the Xbox Store right now. Let us know what you think of it if you do get fully hands-on. 

Game Description:

Take on the role of a novice student of alchemical arts, taking over the studio of your famous relative. Will you ever match his legend? Take the challenge to become the most famous alchemist in history! Become a powerful magician! Thanks to Alchemist Simulator, you can feel the thrill of excitement associated with the world of magical ingredients (dragon egg – what to deal with it?), spells, and discovering ancient recipes. Will you brew a love potion or a poison? Discover an amazing world full of ancient, forgotten recipes and ingredients. Experiment. Be patient and hungry for knowledge. Fortunately, you are not alone – your extraordinary mentor will help you explore the previously unknown arcana of alchemical knowledge and art! Your eternal glory, gold and … knowledge are at stake! Who is an alchemist without his precious book? Almanac is your greatest treasure – so take care of its content! Carry out various experiments and note their effects carefully, and soon … no recipe, contract or order will keep secrets from you. Remember – each magician’s source of knowledge is experience, and these – you must first write down, preferably on a solid parchment and seal with a spell before prying eyes.

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