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Are you ready to fire up the blasters in order to save the universe? You’ll have to get past a whole ton of quick-thinking Match-3 puzzles in the process with Galacide on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Coming from the indie developer at Puny Human, Galacide attempts to mix up two genres which, on the face of it, probably shouldn’t belong together. But if you’re up for a test, combining the bullet-hell intensity of a traditional SHMUP and throwing in the puzzle solving madness of a Match-3 experience, this is certainly one that is likely to test your gaming skills… in more ways than one. 

Priced at £12.49, Galacide will see you jumping into the shoes of a galactic space pilot who is on a single mission – to save the galaxy from the encroaching alien menace. Whilst that is nothing really new in the gaming scene, it’s the way Puny Human have gone about implementing the varying ideas that has us excited. You see, not content with just throwing out a regular everyday SHMUP, they’ve decide to make things even trickier by adding in some Match-3 colour planning tactics. How that will all work is anyone’s guess, but we’ll be sure to cover all the angles and all the hues in our upcoming review of Galacide on Xbox One. 

With local co-op opportuities in place too (for up to 4 players no less), that bullet-hell vibe that looks to be working as the undercurrent of Galacide will no doubt find many ways to come to the fore. 

Features include:

  • 4 Player Cooperative: Enlist the aid of your comrades in your fight to save the galaxy, with 4-player local co-op!
  • Campaign Mode: Fight your way through unique environments and challenges to discover the source of the alien scourge and eliminate it!
  • Endless Play: See how far you can make it fighting through endless hordes of enemies and tunneling through the advancing puzzle wall!
  • Puzzle Play: Complete progressively more difficult scenarios that challenge your mind, not your trigger finger!
  • Four Playable Ships: Choose from the Mining Ship, Freighter, Phase Ship, and Battleship, each equipped with special abilities and unique attributes!
  • Challenging Boss Encounters: Battle dangerous and powerful bosses. Can you defeat the most dangerous beings in the galaxy?
  • In-game Tutorial: Become an ace pilot by going through a quick training program.

Reckon you’ve got the gaming skills required to make a decent fist of saving the universe in Galacide? The usual digital stores will sort you out with our favourite, the good old Xbox Store, the place for Xbox gamers to travel to. You’ll also find the game available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Game Description:

Galacide combines the frenzied action of classic space shooters with the focused, fast-thinking tactics of puzzlers. Choose from a variety of ships, each equipped with unique features and abilities. Embark on your mission to tunnel through the strengthening alien invasion, find the source, and save the galaxy! Go it alone or assemble a squad of your friends to battle in the most unforgiving corners of the universe! In Galacide, you must carefully strike a balance between fighting the enemy and tunneling through the encroaching Bitwall, as neglecting either will assuredly result in your demise. It’ll take a combination of skill, luck, and an advanced spacecraft to ensure your success. As part of your mission to eradicate the alien invasion, you will journey across the galaxy and visit unique destinations like asteroid fields, planets, mining depots, and junkyards. Each location bringing you one step closer to finding the invasion’s source!

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