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Modern Teaching: Technological Tools to Teach Mathematics


Today’s technology is more changeable than at any other time in human history. Its influence is reflected in all areas of human activity, especially in the field of education, that is why we tell you about some technological tools for teaching mathematics.

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  • Mathematical calculators
  • Descartes
  • GeoGebra
  • Math Game Time
  • Khan Academy

Technology has crossed borders, and education is not exempt. The modern Internet has programs for every taste and everything. Just take the PaperHelp, the coolest service to help students study. But in this article, we tell you about some technological tools for teaching mathematics that will help you to make this process much easier and more enjoyable than in the past. So, here are some of the technological tools used to teach mathematics:

Mathematical calculators

The use of mechanical devices for mathematical calculations goes back a long way, from the ancient abacus to the mechanical devices of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Before the second half of the twentieth century, adding machines and cash registers was common.

But with the development of electronic technology in the 1960s, the mass use of electronic calculators became popular and increased. Today it is straightforward to find different types of calculators online to make operations quickly and easily.


This is a tool for developing participatory and communicative elements. It was created mainly for teaching mathematics, although it can also be used for other subjects and various topics.

In its web portal, there are samples and examples of didactic material made from the resources that Descartes offers. It allows you to work with geometry and make algebra graphs, statistics calculations, and other functions.


It is a dynamic mathematics program designed for all levels of education. It contains activities for various subjects, including geometry, algebra, spreadsheet, graphics, statistics, and calculus. All in a straightforward and versatile system.

Its accelerated growth has allowed it to form a community with millions of subscribers in many countries. It has also become a leading agent in dynamic mathematics programs.

Its main function directly supports education through science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and originality in teaching and learning worldwide. It is available free of charge and in several languages.

Math Game Time

The website provides multiple didactic games, multimedia material, and printable resources created to foster children’s skills. The site is owned by an American company and has received the cooperation of many teachers to verify the activities.

Its resources are for infants and elementary and junior high school students. Although all of its content is in English, it can be an excellent tool for learning math topics in various classroom courses.

Math Game provides teachers and students with a safe and engaging environment where they can access content easily through intuitive web navigation. The article The Family’s Educational Role and Strategies for School Involvement discuss the great benefits to students of involving their family in their academic environment.

It is an ideal online tool to help get students interested in math and show them that it can be fun. In addition, its games can help inspire less motivated students and liven up the classroom.

Khan Academy

It is an online platform for learning subjects through videos, such as calculus, algebra, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and finance. Many practical exercises, especially mathematics, assessment, and statistics, are provided for each student.

Khan suggests that teachers assign videos for students to watch at home to learn new topics. This way, each student can proceed at his or her own pace, pausing the video or repeating the explanation as many times as necessary without interrupting others.

So the homework will be completed in class the next day, and the teacher and other students will only be there to help those who need it most. It should be noted that Khan Academy is the first online academy that allows access to education to anyone, no matter where they are.

Most of the videos are in English but will soon be translated and subtitled. There is also a Spanish Youtube channel, but the video and topics are much more restrictive.

It is a complete tool and what makes it more interesting is that students can register with their Google or Facebook account and, in turn, access the records of their progress.

However, you can see all the audiovisual material you have seen, the exercises you have done, and those areas in which you still need to improve. There is no need to pay as it is a non-profit plan that is maintained thanks to the donations it receives. It can be used through the browser.

Finally, teaching through applied science technology is very easy nowadays. Both the student and the teacher have tools that facilitate the learning process.

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