Hot Wheels Unleashed Monster Trucks Xbox

It is fair to say that Hot Wheels Unleashed has been rather successful. From the solid reviews, and the well-received content drops that have followed, the world of virtual Hot Wheels is in a good place at the moment. And it is about to get even better. Just announced as part of the first arrival for Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 2 is something big. You could say as big as a Monster Truck. Coming sooner than you think is the Monster Truck Expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed for Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The trailer may be short, but it gives us a good idea what to expect. Set in a shooting studio are four dioramas fit for unleashing monster vehicles. Explore the Jungle, Quarry, Desert and Ice Mountain with five brand-new Hot Wheels vehicles.

That’s not all. There will be a Themed Track Builder Module, some new customisation items for the Basement and Player Profile and the aforementioned new environments. And you don’t have long to wait.

Arriving on 21st April, the Monster Trucks Expansion can be found as part of Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 2 or available for purchase separately. Those that picked up the Ultimate Stunt Edition of Hot Wheels Unleashed will already have access on that day.

But that is just the start for the second volume of the pass. Still to come are four more vehicles, two additional themed customisation packs and two extra track builder modules. Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 2 can be purchased separately on the 17th February.

So put those dates in your diary! If you still haven’t picked up Hot Wheels Unleashed then firstly, why not? And secondly, you can find it on the Xbox Store for £39.99. The Ultimate Stunt Edition which will contain everything announced up above can also be found on the Xbox Store.

It sounds like Hot Wheels Unleashed has a bright future ahead of itself. Has the Monster Trucks announcement convinced you to give it a try or have you already picked up the Ultimate Stunt Edition in preparation for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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