Lost Judgment – The Kaito Files Story Expansion Xbox

Every franchise has their fan favourites from the supporting cast, and over the years the Yakuza/Judgment franchise has had more than most. Being able to play as Haruka in Yakuza 5 or Majima in Yakuza 0 pleased fans no end. Today sees another fan favourite get their moment in the spotlight as Masaharu Kaito gets his own spin-off story. The Kaito Files Story Expansion for Lost Judgment is out now on Xbox and PlayStation.

With Yagami out of town following the events of Lost Judgment, a case lands at the Yagami Detective Agency with no-one to take it on. Kaito soon discovers his old flame, Mikiko, is involved and takes it upon himself to solve this mystery. As he delves deeper though, he uncovers yet more shady goings on in Kamurocho’s criminal underground. It just wouldn’t be a Yakuza game without some ties to the undesirables of society.

Kaito has always been the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency, so it comes as no surprise that he has his own fighting style in the DLC. Choose between his Bruiser style or Tank; both of which don’t sound pleasant for anyone getting in his way.

Kaito also has a keen nose for sniffing out clues. Quite literally, as you use his Primal Focus to get a whiff of what is hiding in the shadows.

Return to Kamurocho in this four-chapter expansion to Lost Judgment. New collectibles, bosses and enemies to beat into a pulp can all be found in Lost Judgment – The Kaito Files Story Expansion priced at £24.99 on the Xbox Store. Telling a tale in the Yakuza world in a shortened amount of time is an interesting concept, so stay tuned for our review coming soon for the DLC.

Game description

Play as the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency, Masaharu Kaito, and take on a new case that ties up loose ends of his past in The Kaito Files. Kaito brings his own Primal Focus detective techniques and two beastly fighting styles to challenge new foes and crack the case with a distinct Kaito swagger. Following the events of Lost Judgment, Kaito starts a lucrative case while Yagami is out of town that unexpectedly has him searching for his old flame, Mikiko. Along the way, Kaito encounters a teenager claiming to be their son and team up to uncover the truth behind Mikiko’s disappearance. Now Kaito stands at the crossroads of past and present while up against a syndicate tied to Kamurocho’s criminal underbelly. But why did Kaito and Mikiko split up, and what does this dark fraternity have to do with her? His side of the story: Challenge all-new bosses with Kaito’s unique combat styles, scour Kamurocho for new collectibles, and dive into Kaito’s past in this larger-than-life drama expansion spanning four chapters. Beast of the streets: Brazen, bold and always bombastic, Kaito is reliable in any fight, shake-down, or chase. Go beast mode with Kaito’s aggressive Bruiser fighting style or crank up the defense with his Tank fighting style to match any foe in any situation. Trust your gut: No need for Yagami’s fancy gadgets here; Kaito has his own sensory-based sleuthing style. Tap into Kaito’s Primal Focus to literally sniff out clues, identify suspects and crack the case with his instincts. *Included in the Lost Judgment Digital Ultimate edition, please be careful about purchasing multiple copies.

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