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One year ago we saw the launch of Monster Hunter World onto Xbox One, allowing the monster slaying dreams of many to be realised. Since that point though, those same hunters have seen numerous content packs rock up to enhance the overall experience. And here we are again as even more Monster Hunter World content is arriving on Xbox One – some paid, some free!

Yep that’s right, 12 months since the release of Monster Hunter World on Xbox One and still the content keeps dropping, and whilst the latest set of add-ons may not bring new quests, or anything even remotely as exciting, the opportunity to ensure your game stays the very best it can be shouldn’t be ignored… and besides, that Friendly Felyne Costume is awesome.

So what do we have? Well, all of the following DLC packs are now available to grab from the Xbox Store

  • Sticker Set: Monsters of the New World – £1.59
  • Additional Sticker Set Bundle 3 – £2.39
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 8 – £2.39
  • Free Gesture: Happy Hunting – Free
  • Gesture: Step Dance – £1.59
  • Sticker Set: Celestial Pursuit Girls – £1.59
  • The Handler’s Friendly Felyne Costume – £2.39

Anything that interests you? Do those new Sticker Sets appeal, do you fancy a new Gesture, or are you just here for the free stuff? Whatever way you look at it it’s great that Capcom are still managing to squeeze new reason for us to go Monster hunting once more – especially in a time where their main focus is on all things Resident Evil 2.

Let us know if you’ll be picking up any of the new pieces of DLC by posting in the comments below or hitting us up on the usual social media channels. And don’t forget to check out our full review of Monster Hunter World on Xbox One if you wish to know more about slaying beasts. It’s well worth a little read.

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