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Must Dash Amigos Review


If you want something unique, something enjoyable, and something competitive then you can usually guarantee to find it within one of the many indie party games that frequently arrive on Xbox One. After all, if you can involve the family in some competitive action, with bragging rights up for grabs, then you’re sure to capture some interest. With Must Dash Amigos being the latest party adventure to arrive on Xbox One, I took to the line as one of the Dashing Amigos to see if it could bring those key features to engage players.

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So, Must Dash Amigos is actually the latest racing game to come to Xbox One with players swapping out sports cars for something a little rounder and complete with two legs – an Amigo. Throughout the game our Amigos must run their way through four unique locations and the 12 different courses held within them.

The courses themselves aren’t particularly amazing when it comes to depth and detail. Each one has a set route, which is marked through a number of potential hazards, and up to four players must make their way through to get to the finish first. There are plenty of shortcuts to take note of as you run through and with pickups to enjoy, there is a decent challenge to nabbing that first-place position.

Whilst you won’t find detail in each of the courses, Must Dash Amigos does do a good job of creating a somewhat unique feel to each of its environments, with jungle paths through stone statues in one level, and a dusty American desert town feel given to another.

Despite being designed for local party play, there are also single-player options available for the solo players out there with Time Trial and Challenge for each available track. As you’d expect Time Trial sees players battle it out with the clock for the fastest possible time, with Gold, Silver and Bronze the rewards for your efforts. Challenge meanwhile sees a variety of options including Double Trouble, in which you must control two of the very finest Amigos at the same time via way of both sticks and get them around the course in the given time; once again, Bronze, Silver and Gold are all on offer. There is also Danger Dodging, and here players look to outrun the stampeding Amigo army behind them, trying to make it to the finish line in a tense sprint, while Master Catcher sees the task of chasing a mystical pinata and catching it before time runs out.

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Regardless of which mode you choose, you’re not going to have it easy – in single player at least. Getting the Gold medals is of course what you’d be aiming for at first, but to do that, you’ll need to know every track inside out, outside in and upside down. Once you’ve done that, you might just stand the slimmest of chances of getting an elusive Gold medal. You may well however find that nabbing Silver is the best you can hope to muster.

Of course, Multiplayer is only as difficult as the opponents you have sat next to you, but with Battle Mode and Tourney mode the competition is certainly more achievable to win and quite a lot more exciting. Tourney mode isn’t really a true new mode with it only bundling Races and Battle Mode together into a number of different Tournaments to experience everything at once. But Battle mode sees 2-4 players take up arms in an arena setting, with weapons and pickups used to blast opponents off the face of the earth. How do you do that you ask? By hitting them three times until they temporarily drop out of existence. With points awarded for beating on your opponents and a timer counting down till the very last second, there is plenty to shout about until the game is over.

There is however a slight disappointment due to the lack of online multiplayer, and for a game that focuses on multiplayer, and uses it as a core part of the experience, there can be very few negatives to having a potentially large pool of online players to battle it out against. Still, Must Dash Amigos is perfectly enjoyable without it.

For those that enjoy the simpler experiences then Must Dash Amigos is one to watch. What would have improved things however would have been the inclusion of A.I. racers for those single players out there, but unfortunately that isn’t something you’ll have a possibility of here.

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Away from the gameplay however, and visually Must Dash Amigos on Xbox One is a game designed around bright, cartoony visuals. Each Amigo comes with a unique look and with a number of different skins that can be purchased in game or awarded for winning events, there is plenty of chance to customise your look. Want a funky moustache, then go out and get one!

Overall and for those who want a new and enticing racer of sorts, Must Dash Amigos is just about worth a look. It’s not overly original, and it’s not ground-breaking, but there is plenty of fun to be had and if you have capable players around you then you can be sure to knock out a good few hours with this one, with enough simplicity allowing it to be picked up and played by players of all skills and ages.

Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
After 20 years of playing every game I can get my hands on, I can now be found selling my soul for anything Resident Evil, Gears of War, or Gamerscore related... all of which will be mastered after a good cuppa!
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