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MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition Review


MX vs ATV All Out is back – this time as a breath of fresh air for those that missed out last time around. With the game celebrating its 1-year anniversary, there is little more you could ask for than having it return with all the most popular DLC thrown in to create the ultimate MX vs ATV All Out experience, with the Anniversary Edition.

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For those who got involved when All Out arrived in 2018, it has to be said that this version isn’t going to be one that’s aimed at you. Not because it’s not a good game, but simply because the Anniversary Edition is quite simply the original base game along with some additional DLC offerings that can be purchased separately. That said, whilst the MX vs ATV series is certainly popular amongst fans, the original All Out arrival didn’t exactly please all of those who jumped in early on, but when you take into account the vast sum of content available in this year’s updated Anniversary Edition, it’s certainly a game I’d recommend those original players return to once more. As for newcomers, you’re quite possibly in for a treat!

MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition has several different ways for players to get stuck in to the frantic off-road racing madness, with multiple different modes on offer. When you first boot things up though you’ll find yourself landing in the game’s compound hub, the Flying Moto Ranch, which is a large open-world area that can be freely roamed for either enjoyment, a bit of practice, or to hunt out the different tutorials which allow you to grasp the different aspects of racing.

Alternatively, if you just want to get straight into the action, you can access the garage portal for a whole list of the game’s events and modes from the off.

Series, Single Event, Online, Time Trial and Arcade are the modes on offer and it is Series that is likely to be the go-to mode for most – early on at least. This is essentially the Career mode and where you’ll find the meat of the game, seeing players compete in a variety of championship events spread across a vast number of series. All of these see players racing against a competitive A.I. with Motocross bikes, ATVs or UTVs, before progressing further to the multi-class events that mix them all together for the ultimate off-road races.

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There are many races to get involved in within the Series mode, but whilst you’ll have some taking place on your typical race tracks both indoors and outdoors, there are also others that take you across open-land areas, whilst there are even some Waypoint races thrown in; no track limits and no defined path allow you to carve your own path to the finish line.

Within the Anniversary Edition on Xbox One, there is also access to plenty of extra DLC content that’s been thrown in too, all of which can be found within the series event list. These packs include the Ricky Carmichael Farm – GOAT pack which brings two new Supercross events, a Nationals event, an extra Waypoint event and two additional Opencross tracks, as well as multiple new trails in the games Freeride area.

Slash’s Snakepit is also included, bringing three of the series’ largest Supercross tracks ever seen, as well as an FMX area capable of delivering enough air to perform pretty much any ridiculous trick you can imagine.

Finally, there is the Hometown MX Nationals DLC. This includes some outdoor tracks, National tracks and two Freeride environments, each with their own changeable time of day. They aren’t the biggest DLC packs in the world admittedly, but if you enjoy plenty of content, then these packs, along with the lengthy event list, certainly ensure players have plenty to be going on with throughout this Anniversary Edition.

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It is however this point in which my first gripe with MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition comes about. See, even though it is a welcome sight to see plenty of DLC thrown in, it seems crazy that we are not looking at a complete edition here. Should you work your way down the event list in the order given. you’ll soon find that the Arenacross events aren’t available without purchasing the additional 2018 AMA Arenacross DLC. Now of course the extra £6.39 that’s required to purchase it isn’t the biggest price you’ll ever drop for DLC, but it does seem like a bit of a sting to ask fans to pay for additional content that isn’t even deemed popular enough to make it in the Anniversary Edition.

Away from the Series though and the other available options are very much your typical choices – those which nearly all games of this type cover. Single Event is one that gives you the chance for a one-off, no strings attached race, Time Trial sees you race on your own around tracks in an attempt to beat track records, and Arcade Mode is where you go to get in on some split-screen action.

The Online mode is of course one you may want to spend a fair bit of time with too, especially should you have mastered everything on offer within the Series mode, however even with this fresh re-release, the online offering isn’t exactly teeming with players waiting to fill out lobbies. The online racing options might also prove a little barebones unless you can convince some friends to come along for the ride, however it should be said that if you can do that, this game is an absolute blast online.

When you do get into the actual gameplay though, MX vs ATV All Out is definitely one that’s fun to play. The biggest reason for this is the vehicle handling, with bikes in particular handling fantastically and feeling just as you would expect a real Motocross bike to feel. Of course, getting onto an ATV is also quite satisfying, especially when you start getting to the 450cc class, but fans of bikes will find MX vs ATV All Out really matching the MXGP series in terms of realism there.

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Tricks are a big part of the game too, with Freestyle events requiring some sensible yet high-scoring and adventurous moves should you wish to ensure a podium finish. If anything, this can break up the constant racing events, however the real fun with these tricks comes from experimenting in the Freeride areas.

In terms of that gameplay and a real positive is the track deformation, ensuring that you’ll soon find the quickest racing line that is naturally being created by the other racers. You don’t have to stick to that line obviously, but should you choose a different path and end up snagging the carved out racing line, then you may find yourself quickly losing control of your vehicle. However there is also a glaring negative, and that comes in regards the collision system that sees your rider flying into a lengthy ragdoll frenzy or your vehicle simply bouncing off the object at hand and coming to a complete halt.

This is a shame too as if it wasn’t for the collision system being rather poor, MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition could well be one that any bike fan looking for some off-road racing would do well to check out – even over the likes of the MXGP or Monster Energy Supercross games. Alas this is an issue that takes away from the realism and engagement of what is otherwise an enjoyable all-round experience.

Onto a positive once more though and another thing that can’t be ignored is just how visually impressive the game is. From the vehicles to the environments, everything on offer has been designed brilliantly, with tracks that are enjoyable to race on thanks to well placed jumps and dips, and landscapes that feel like you really are racing through the American countryside. That said, it would have been nice given that this is the series’ first proper entry on the current-generation consoles to have seen environments that are full of life as things can feel a little empty at times.

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As you’d expect with any bike racer there are plenty of different branded vehicles to choose from within this Anniversary Edition, however if you want a vehicle with a real make attached, it’s going to cost you extra. See, Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki and Husqvarna are all present, but require additional DLCs to gain access to, and, as you may have realised, they aren’t included in the Anniversary Edition. If you’re happy to stick with the base content of realistic looking, sounding and feeling vehicles, then the THQ NORDIC QR500 2017, and the RAINBOW RSX450 2017 are the brands you’ll be racing around on.

Fortunately, no matter which vehicle you have, each and every one can be customised with all manner of new parts for engines, exhausts, seats, tires, suspension, wheels, chassis, clutch, sprockets, handlebars and more, ensuring you can create the perfect off-road machine. To get access to these new parts though, you’re going to need to earn MotoCoin which is the in-game currency earned from completing events, and by earning enough of this, you’ll be able to work your way through the events within the most cherished series of them all, the All Out Tour.

At the end of the day, if you’re a fan of off-road racing, have an appreciation for bikes, or simply want something a little different from a racer, then MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition is certainly no bad way to go. If you’re after a polished experience then you may find slight disappointment with a few areas that are in need of some extra work, but that doesn’t mean this is one that you should be avoiding, especially when you take into account the amount of content on offer. Even without the extra DLC purchases available, there is certainly plenty to keep any player engaged in the racing for hours on end, especially when multiple classes take to the track in the same event.

Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
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