mx vs atv all out anniversary edition xbox one

We may have already seen MX vs ATV All Out bring the off-road madness back in 2018, but now it’s tearing those muddy tires through the tracks once more to bring the fast-paced action back to the forefront, and this time it comes with all the previously released DLC included as part of the deal of the MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition on Xbox One.

If you missed out when it arrived last year, the MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition looks set to re-invite players to take to the track with a range of bikes, ATV’s and UTV’s across countless tracks, whilst donning all the official greatness that makes the sport of off-roading so exciting to watch.

With various modes including Supercross, Nationals, Opencross, Waypoint, Tag and much more, there is more than enough to keep you going for the long haul and with a host of crazy tricks to master which can be perfected in the included track packs such as Rick Carmichael Farm – GOAT, Hometown MX Nationals and Slash’s Snakepit, as well as a private compound and some massive open environments. This is without a doubt the best and most complete version you’ll find of MX vs ATV All Out, and it’s here just in time to celebrate it’s 1-year anniversary.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the longest running off-road racing series once more, then you can do so with the MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition for the price of £23.99 on Xbox One. Those on PS4 expecting to see some Anniversary Edition love for MX vs ATV All Out should check out their own store, while the gamers preferring to take in a physical copy of All Out, will have to hold tight until the 12th March.

Will you be taking to the track? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels and make sure you check out our full review of MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary Edition on Xbox One. It’s coming shortly.

Game Description:

The complete off-road racing experience just added a staggering 14 additional tracks! MX vs ATV All Out: Anniversary Edition includes the three add-ons Ricky Carmichael Farm, Hometown MX Nationals and Slash’s Snakepit! All of this plus the bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s, original gear, Supercross, private compound and massive, open environments in one complete package. Included bonus content: • Ricky Carmichael Farm features 2 Supercross, one Nationals, one Waypoint, and 2 Opencross tracks PLUS multiple trails in Freeride! • Slash’s Snake Pit features 3 of the largest Supercross tracks in MX vs ATV history PLUS and FMX area! • Hometown MX Nationals includes the most authentic outdoors tracks! Four, huge Nationals tracks and 2 Freeride environments to explore with different time of day variations.

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