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Over recent months NACON have really started to become a bit of a force in the gaming scene, with multiple games and projects coming to the fore. Now though it’s time for them to really kick on and with their recent NACON Connect digital conference, they’ve outlined some hugely ambitious ideas – with the standouts for us news concerning a new Test Drive game and the promise of new Xbox branded peripherals.

NACON Connect has provided gamers with all manner of new news and excitement, with a diverse selection of new and previously announced titles coming to the fore. And it seems like NACON are going all-out for total domination across multiple scenarios too, with roguelikes, racers and RPGS front and centre of their plans.

We’ll start with what is most interesting to us, and that is the peripherals news…that which sees NACON looking to go beyond the games. Since previously buying up the RIG line of headsets – which, for the record are our current go-to accessories – things are going further in the headset and peripherals space. You see, having already sold over 3 million officially licensed PS4 controllers, NACON have now nailed the Xbox side of things too, entering into a licensing agreement with Microsoft to create and distribute official accessories designed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Honestly, we cannot wait to see what is created on the back of that.

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For many others though it will be the confirmation of a new Test Drive title that gets the juices flowing, with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown confirmed. An ambitious project from Alain Jarniou and his team, who are looking to leverage their experience making motorsports simulations such as the WRC series, with Solar Crown we find KT Racing and NACON offering their new vision of the franchise. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown promises to retain the DNA of the series, which is based on a love of beautiful cars and the joy of driving around a luxurious island world recreated at 1:1 scale. And as you would expect, in it, you will get the chance to compete against others in the Solar Crown, a competition with mysterious stakes, to elevate your character’s status within the community.

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That’s not the only racer though, and alongside that NACON will be running with RiMS Racing, a game that is in development at RaceWard Studio, a Milan-based team of experts that have been developing motorcycle racing games for 20 years. This motorcycle sim will look to go up against the likes of RIDE, providing an experience based on a unique and innovative concept that makes bike mechanics a core element of the game experience. Fans will love the bike behaviour, which has benefited from the work done by KT Racing on its proprietary game engine.

There are other games too though, and the NACON game catalogue contains a diverse selection of titles for all types of gamers. For instance, those who like a bit of darkness got their first look at some gameplay of Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood at NACON Connect. Combat in this brawler centres on the character’s werewolf form: players must unleash their supernatural rage to confront world-threatening evil in the form of the petroleum corporation Endron. The game will be available on February 4th 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 and PS5.

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And then also featured was Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong – a dark and enthralling cinematic trailer that set the scene for this promising Narrative RPG from Big Bad Wolf, and that was accompanied by the announcement of Steelrising, a new project from the development studio Spiders. Jehanne Rousseau and her team place you in the heart of an alternate Paris during the French Revolution, where the automaton army of King Louis XVI is terrorising and suppressing the French people. Aegis, the main character, will fight against this reign of terror to try and change the course of History.

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Further still was confirmation that NACON will also be dealing with the good old roguelike, with Rogue Lords being developed by Cyanide and Leikir, and Roguebook playing out as a roguelike deck-builder developed by the Belgian studio Abrakam. With support from the renowned creator of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield, who adds his expertise as the game’s co-designer, Roguebook features innovative game mechanics and a world that fans of the genre will love.

There were also brand-new gameplay teases for both WRC 9 and Tennis World Tour 2 at NACON Connect, as things concluded with talk of Warhammer Chaosbane, developed by Eko Software.

If you didn’t get the chance to take in the NACON Connect conference, grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down for a watch. We’re sure you’ll like what is provided.


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