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RIG 700HX Headset for Xbox One Review


You may not have heard of Poly’s RIG gaming headsets, but with the joint history of Plantronics and Polycom behind them, this is one brand that you’re going to be seeing lots more of in the near future. With them safely placed as the fastest growing console headset brand in the US, in pole position across Australia and with their largest ever console headset placement in the UK, Poly is going places. And with the RIG 700HX Headset for Xbox One, that statement is one that is never more true. 

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The RIG 700HX Headset for Xbox One is the company’s new ultra-lightweight wireless headset, offering lag-free wireless gaming, a rather lovely 12-hour battery, a removable mic boom, dual fabric ear cushions and an MSRP of just £119.99. And you don’t need me to tell you that should all these things come together as one, this is one headset that has a lot going for it. 

But indeed I will tell you that, and I will confirm that RIG have created a brilliant piece of kit that is deserving of a place in the upper echelons of the gaming headset market.

We have to start things off with the weight of this headset, and you’ll quite possibly be amazed by how lightweight it is, not just in the hand but when plonked on your head. At just 236 grams in weight, it’s quite frankly ridiculous how RIG have got to this weight, and at near-as-damn-it half the weight of the stunning Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One, you’ll hardly notice you’re using this one. 

Much of that lightweight nature comes about thanks to the ultra-light frame. Black in colour – as is the entirety of this headset in fact, with just some cool RIG logos breaking up the stealthy look – the headset comes complete with a very well padded headband. Deep, squishy and well cushioned, the sheer length of this padding puts some other headsets to shame, and it’s great to see Poly having decided to go all out on the comfort front with the RIG 700. Adjustment on this headband is great too, utilising the now standard RIG clip in/clip out adjusting that sees them do away with the usual sliding headband. I’m a big fan of this, as not only is it super easy to find a decent fit, but once you have confirmed the size you want the fit is accurate each and every time from there on out. Okay, so it may not be the best for those who frequently pass their headset to numerous other players, but as a solo gamer for the most part, it works really well.

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The same mission statement has obviously been applied to the isolating earcups too, with these dual fabric ones combining a nice leatherette touch with a softer inner material to ensure full comfort is to be had. The cups fit over the ears brilliantly too, with the 40mm drivers inside providing a more than decent sound quality. For example, my go-to game for testing headsets is currently the brilliant AVICII Invector – a rhythm musical experience that immerses you massively. The RIG 700HX has stood up to the full beans that Avicii has been able to deliver, and even with the volume dial situated on the left cup turned all the way up to its maximum, not an ounce of distortion or audio glitch has been noticed. Quite frankly, the 700HX provides some stunning audio cues. 

That left earcup is also home to a game/chat volume dial, with simple ease of use allowing anyone to turn up the game or their party members’ voices in a cinch, whilst the on/off button doubles up as a wireless pairing system for the wireless base which powers everything. This small square device attaches to your Xbox One via USB A, and when switched on pings out the relevant wireless details for easy pairing of the 700HX. It worked straight out of the box the very first time, and has been supremely consistent in its attachment since. Even when moving through multiple rooms and away from the console this headset has still just about managed to stay fully connected with audio piled through. RIG promise a 30ft range, but I’d go as far to say it may just be even longer than that. 

There are also further additions to that left earcup, and whilst the right is bare and bereft of features, the micro-USB port which is used for charging the headset is also found there. But with 12 hours of battery life promised, and again real world usage has easily seen me up there around that figure, you’ll not need to use this too much. Alongside that is an attachment port for the removable mic boom, with a variable mic monitoring button sitting pretty underneath. As you would expect from a company that has the background it does, the audio delivered via this mic is first class, with party members never seemingly missing a beat in terms of what is being asked of them. Again, much like the sounds that have been delivered via the 40mm drivers in the earcups, I’ve been consistently happy with the party chat options that this wireless headset brings. 

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So, what’s not to like? Well, after also having hands-on time with RIG’s other headsets, I have to say that I’ve been massively impressed by all of them. If push came to shove though then I’d probably be more inclined to move away from these brilliant 700HXs towards the top of the range RIG 800LX, with its Dolby Atmos love, double the battery life, flip-up mic and very slight increase in weight. Especially as it only comes in at £30 more in price. You see, that’s pretty much the only issue for the 700HX – that 800 series is sitting there looking even more appealing, for little extra outlay. 

But should you be set on a budget of around £120 – or slightly less if you find a sale – then you can’t go wrong with the RIG 700HX Headset for Xbox One. It looks great, it feels astonishing, and it sounds nearly as good as RIG’s top of the range option. If you do plump for it, you’ll certainly have no issues with this headset. 

Massive thanks go out to RIG for providing the 700HX Headset for Xbox One for review purposes. If you wish to pick one up for yourself, head on over to Plantronics direct

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