world war z Special Operations Forces Pack dlc

Struggling to take down the zombie hordes in World War Z? The Special Operations Forces Pack is here to help you out!

Available to purchase and download into the wonderful zombie-fuelled experience that is World War Z on Xbox One right now, the Special Operations Forces Pack could be seen as something of a gift to many, especially those who have regularly found themselves overthrown, and overpowered, by the huge number of undead found in the cooperative third-person shooter.

Priced up at just £5.79, the Special Operations Forces Pack brings forth four new weapons, with both melee and range opportunities in place, kitting you out with the arsenal of a Tier 1 operative with three custom firearms and one bloody big hammer for when all else fails.

Geared up to replicate the work of a modern day special forces unit, the weaponry found in the World War Z Special Operations Forces Pack will be music to the ears of many, especially the strugglers and stragglers who need decent teammates to pull them through. For it is these new weapons that will give everyone the same chance at proving their worth in the field.

So, what’s included? Well, the melee weapon comes in the form of the Hammer, but alongside that are the SOF ARK-103 Assault Rifle, the SOF HW416 Assault Carbine and the SOF Senjata PDW. And whilst you may not necessarily feel that these will have an instant impact on your WWZ survival rates, you can be sure that they’ll certainly help in times of need.

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Alongside this pack comes the Horde Z mode for WWZ. This new mode throws waves of progressively challenging enemies at teams of up to four players, with increasingly bigger rewards available to those who manage to survive. Thankfully, in between rounds, players can upgrade their firepower, defenses, and scavenge for free pickups like heavy weapons and medkits.

This update also brings The Bomber into play too – a special new zombie that drops an explosive when downed. If you see one, you’ll only get a few short seconds to disarm it!

With World War Z on Xbox One already available as an Xbox Game Pass title, the free nature of the base game allows for a bit more temptation in the DLC stakes, and that means this latest Special Operations Forces pack will be on the list for many. If you are one of those, just head to the Xbox Store and grab the pack right now.

DLC Description:

Devastate the hordes with the tools of a Tier 1 operator. The Special Operations Forces pack comes with three custom firearm setups and a single melee weapon, all coated in the iconic paint job of a modern, special forces unit. If blunt force trauma is your thing, the Hammer will tenderize innumerable zeke with the greatest of ease, while it’s ergonomic grip keeps you blister free. All firearms are silenced so you can strike like a ninja from the shadows.


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