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We’re getting on for 3 years since Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker first launched, but with the recent arrival of Season Pass 4 for the game, there’s no let-up in the amount of content that id dropping. Today we see Nagato (Reanimation) join the Master Trainer roster, bringing forth new Ninjutsu, Techniques, Costumes and more. 

Season Pass 4 dropped a few weeks back, bringing with it Sakura Haruno for Master Training. The second character to be included in that Pass is now with us though and in Nagato (Reanimation), we find more reason to fire up Shinobi Striker and head to the Hidden Leaf Village. 

Should you be a fan of the entirety of Naruto or love a bit of striking Shinobis, the Nagato DLC offering should be right up your street. It’s priced at the usual £3.49 – unless you have previously purchase Season Pass 4 – and gives the opportunity for you to enjoy a whole host of features. 

These come int he form of a couple of Ninjutsu types – the ranged styles of Chikushodo and Shurado – along with a Secret Technique, that of Summoning Jutsu: Gedo Statue. 

Further are a trio of Costumes with both male and female avatars covered top and bottom with Nagato Outfit (Akatsuki Founder Ver.), Nagato Outfit (Young Ver.) and Konan Outfit (Young Ver.), whilst a new Hait Part is found in the form of Nagato (Akatsuki Founder). 

Rounding things off in the Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Nagata Master Training Pack are the Fire Arrow Head Lobby Action and Senior Disciple Honorary Title. 

You’ll need a copy of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker in hand prior to enjoying the new content that this DLC brings, but with that having kicked around for 3 years, there’s probably a decent chance you’ve taken a punt on it by now. Once you do have it, head to the digital store of your choosing – ours being the Xbox Store – and take home the Nagato (Reanimation) DLC now. 

The base game itself if present and playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC.

DLC Description:

A special training pack for your avatar! Featured in this “Master Character Training Pack” is the one-and-only Nagato (Reanimation)! Purchasing this DLC will make him available as a master at the Ninjutsu Library, ready to offer Ninjutsu training. Train with Nagato (Reanimation) to acquire Training Points that can be used to unlock a variety of Ninjutsu and costumes for your avatar!

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