super space serpent se xbox

Is there anything better in the world than a neon-infused twin-stick shooter? Nope… and that is why the launch of Super Space Serpent SE on Xbox One is so welcome!

Available to purchase and download right now, Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition (or SE as we’ll be referring to it), is the latest twin-sticker that is attempting to worm its way into our hearts, delivering handcrafted levels, a futuristic style and a whole multitude of ever changing enemies which will promise to keep you on your toes.

Delivered with a £8.39 price tag, it’s obvious that the development team behind Super Space Serpent SE have attempted to recreate something from the very best era of gaming, with a brilliant visual look and pumping audio that is trying to thrust the 1980s arcade way of life towards the modern day gamer. When you consider that a decent arsenal of weapons and upgrades are also in place, then anyone familiar with the twin-sticking vibe, and looking for another testing time, would do well to check out what SSSSE is capable of.

We’re telling you now, there is NOTHING better than a decent twin-stick shooter and with Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition mindless space blasting is here!

Interested? The Xbox Store will sort you out with the usual download. Give it a visit and prepare to be wowed by the wonders within. You never know, it may even best the stunning Geometry Wars 3.

Game Description:

Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition Is a Twin Stick shooter in the style that fits your favorite era. Let the retro neon effects and futuristic soundtrack put you in a zone like only the arcade games of the 80’s could . Try to beat the handcrafted levels with ever changing enemies from distant worlds while using an arsenal of weapons and upgrades.

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