farming sim 19 Bourgault dlc

It’s been a little while since the farming community has had anything to get really excited by but today the wonderful farming experience that is Farming Simulator 19 expands as a a multitude of new Bourgault equipment arrives. Oh, and there’s a little John Deere surprise thrown in for good measure.

Despite the name, Farming Simulator 19 first launched on Xbox One, PS4 and PC back in 2018, providing farming fans the ultimate opportunity to show off their farming skills. With a host of options available and a full visual overhaul from the games before it, if you are looking for something to really get your teeth into and consider there to be nothing better than to grab a set of wellies then it’s a game that more than covers the bases. 

Today we see Farming Simulator 19 expand though, and following on from the previous arrival of the likes of the Claas, Anderson and John Deere comes a ton of new machinery from Bourgault. 

The Farming Simulator 19 – Bourgault DLC will set you back £6.49 yet that seems a pretty reasonable price to pay for the gear contained within. See, this Bourgault content drop delivers no less than 7 new pieces of essential farming kit with new Seeders, Weeders and Cultivators among the inclusions. 

But what’s more, alongside the Bourgault items we also see a brand new large tractor from John Deere included.  In fact, in place via the Bourgault DLC for Farming Simulator 19 are all of the following…

  • – 3320-76 Paralink Hoe Drill – Seeder
  • – 3420-100 Paralink Hoe Drill – Seeder
  • – 7950 Air Cart – Seeder
  • – 71300 Air Cart – Seeder
  • – SPS360-50 – Cultivator
  • – XR770 Harrow – Weeder
  • – FMS CD872-8 – Seeder
  • – John Deere 9RX Series – Large tractor

To get access to the new kit then you just need to visit your favoured digital store – with ours being that of the lovely Xbox Store. If you wish to head back to the farm and wish to see the latest Bourgault content utilised then fire up your game and get purchasing the Farming Simulator 19 – Bourgault DLC right now. You’ll also discover this new content available via the Season Pass for the game.

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