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New details emerge about MyPLAYER, Road to Glory and Universe Mode in WWE 2K18


With the release of WWE 2K18 just around the corner, a shed load of details about various modes and features have emerged. Will the news of these enhancements and additions convince you to enter the squared circle in a fortnight? It’ll certainly give you something to think about.

Starting with the MyPLAYER feature and this refers to your created characters for use in both MyCAREER and the brand new ROAD TO GLORY mode. Each MyPLAYER will be upgradeable and customisable as you make progress within these two modes. To ensure the whole creation aspect is quick and simple enough for all gamers to get to grips with, the MyPLAYER WIZARD sets up the foundation for your MyPLAYER.

After deciding upon the basic info and a general appearance, choosing your Fighting Style will influence the attributes, skills and the move set you’re presented with. The following choices are on offer and come with their own strengths in two specific areas in regards to attributes –

  • High Flyer – Agility and Speed
  • Showboat – Stamina and Reversals
  • Striker – Striking and Stamina
  • Technician – Technique and Grappling
  • Brawler – Toughness and Athleticism
  • Strong Style – Grappling and Reversals
  • Powerhouse – Power and Grappling
  • Giant – Power and Toughness

Becoming a High Flyer will be ideal for those who wish to be fast in the ring and perform aerial manoeuvres, whilst a Giant clearly lacks in such ways and relies more on toughness and pure power moves. Each fighting style has its own set of skills too; for example, a Brawler has the Comeback ability and can remove the top turnbuckle during a match. The only attribute seemingly unaffected by your decision is the Promo one, which only comes into play during MyCAREER. You can distribute some attribute points to upgrade MyPLAYERs from the very start, but the rest must be earned via progression in MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY.

Although it appears to present you with a lack of customisation initially, once out of the WIZARD, editing in a far more detailed and advanced way is possible; with tons of options for players to mould the MyPLAYER into the Superstar you’ve always wanted to create. To enhance the customisation, hundreds of moves and Superstar parts are unlockable through purchasable loot cases – Bronze, Silver and Gold – with items fitting into the categories of Common, Uncommon, and Rare. In-game currency and boosts can also be obtained through unlocking these loot cases.

Moving on to the ROAD TO GLORY mode, which is a completely new online experience for MyPLAYERs from across the globe to battle against each other, compete in various match types and improve their MyPLAYER along the way. The ultimate aim is to gain entry into Pay-Per-View events and defeating WWE Superstars for special rewards. To qualify for such events, you’ll need to go head-to-head with other MyPLAYERS to earn enough stars – or you can always purchase your way in if you’re short on time to meet the requirements. The PPV featured will relate to the real-world WWE scheduled PPV and once in the PPV, gaining a spot in the Main Event offers the chance to earn exclusive items.

Boosts are also introduced for all your ROAD TO GLORY bouts, with one Boost slot being available from the beginning and four more unlocked through progression. Some Boosts increase stamina, speed and grappling, whilst others reward additional XP upon the completion of the match. Earning XP will help your MyPLAYER Rank and Level go up; with six Ranks (Prospect, Rookie, Superstar, Main Eventer, Living Legend and Hall of Famer) and 50 levels in each Rank. Levelling up enables you to reap rewards such as boost slots, loot cases and attribute points.

The final mode outlined in the latest WWE 2K18 reveal is the Universe Mode. Cristo Kyriazis, the designer in charge of this mode, went over everything that’ll hopefully make it better than previous offerings.

Universe Mode is basically a mode which recreates the WWE programming setup, with weekly shows Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT shows occurring each week and Superstars competing in matches – with or without your input. Matches affect the rankings and rivalries, culminating in PPV showdowns at the likes of Survivor Series, TLC, WrestleMania etc. Depending how much you want to get involved, custom Superstars, tag teams, championships, arenas and shows can be incorporated to tailor the mode to how you want it.

The first new feature is in relation to rivalries, which are now split up into Potential Rivalries and Active Rivalries. When Superstars participate in matches, perform promos or run-in, a Potential Rivalry is established and a meter will then fill up after more interactions between them until it’s full. Then it’ll transform into an Active Rivalry on the following show, as long as a slot is available for it to do so. If you’re looking to speed up the process then running in to interfere during a potential rivals match, or whacking them with a chair, is a sure fire way to help max out the meter.

The payoff for Superstars coming out on top of an Active Rivalry will vary depending on who they are, but could lead to things such as climbing the ranks and title opportunities. Whether the rivalry is between allies or sworn enemies, the type of rivalry is reliant upon the Intensity system, which can be broken down as follows –

  • Low (Green): Sportsman-like conduct between the rivals; in short, a “friendly” rivalry
  • Medium (Yellow): Rivals are disrespectful and confrontational or growing frustrated from being on the losing end
  • High (Orange): Rivals are resorting to and responding with cheap shots and distractions against each other
  • Very High (Red): The rivalry has become hostile, with Superstars attacking each other

The Intensity of a rivalry will be based on the interactions between the Superstars and is likely to increase as the rivalry goes on for a long time. As an example, a rivalry may start off at Medium Intensity after a call-out promo and then become a High Intensity affair after a rival cheap shots the other in the following week’s match. Players can always create their own rivalries and choose the level of Intensity for it too.

Power Rankings will define the best Superstars throughout the entire Universe, with them elevated through the rankings by winning high profile matches, holding championships and ending rivalries on top. Climbing high in the Power Rankings boosts Superstars with temporary attribute bonuses, giving less powerful Superstars a better chance at claiming a championship against the very best, while it can make the top Superstars almost unstoppable. Superstars are also given goals to motivate their actions in Universe; whether that wants a title shot, to form a tag team or even go it alone after a losing streak as a team.

Last but not least is the match types that you can expect to see make an appearance in Universe. There are eight-person Battle Royals and 4vs4 Tag Team matches, as well as any custom matches you fancy creating in the Creation Suite. You’ve got the whole Universe in your hands, how you shape it is up to you!

It’s rather exciting to know all these new features and modes will be present when WWE 2K18 releases worldwide on 17th October, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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