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Since Train Sim World burst onto the scene in 2018, console gamers have finally had the opportunity to live out their dreams, riding the most iconic trains over some of the best lines the world over. To help those dreams become reality though, they would have found that a price needs to be paid – and that is the case again with the latest DLC pack for Train Sim World.

Available to purchase and download right now is the Train Sim World: BR Class 33 content pack. Priced up at a cool £11.99, this additional content piece will only work should you already have the Train Sim World base game (£39.99), AND the additional West Somerset Railway pack too (£19.99). As you can see, that means in order to get access to the content that this pack brings, you’ll be needing to spend a fair old bit of cash.

But is it worth it? What does the BR Class 33 DLC pack bring? Well, three brand new scenarios are in place, and with the promise of some of the most iconic of locomotives coming along for the ride – D6566 (33048) and D6575 (33057) ‘Seagull’ – it is quite possibly a pack that will appeal to the hardcore trainspotting fans. For everyone else though? It’s a tough sell.

Working across a number of Service Mode services, if you like to kick back with a ride on the rails, and wish for more reason to head back in to the deep simulation that is found in Train Sim World on Xbox One, then the BR Class 33 pack should happily sort you out.

Head on over to the Xbox Store and pick it up – just remember that you’ll need to have already purchased the base game and the other add-on first.

DLC Description:

Please note: Train Sim World: West Somerset Railway is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. 1957, an order was placed for a batch of diesel-electric locomotives which were destined for the Southern Region (SR) of British Railways. Known at the time as the BRCW Type 3s, they were built as Bo-Bo, mixed-traffic locomotives, fitted with 1550 hp Sulzer engines capable of reaching 85 mph. They housed Crompton Parkinson equipment, forever awarding them the nickname ‘Cromptons’. Their widespread success in transforming services throughout the SR earned them favour with fans and is likely why 29 survived into preservation. Two of the preserved locomotives; D6566 (33048) and D6575 (33057) ‘Seagull’ have found a home on the West Somerset Railway, both operational and sporting the classic BR Green livery. This loco add-on for the West Somerset Railway includes three new scenarios and can be operated in a number of Service Mode services.

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