Need some winter gear for your Monster Hunters? Just wish to see them pull off some fancy new Gestures? Feel like it’s time to get busy with the stickers? There’s some new DLC available for Monster Hunter: World on Xbox One – and it covers all of those bases.

It’s been a little while since we saw any decent amount of Monster Hunter: World content arrive on Xbox One, and after the release of the game back in January, and then the arrival of some small content packs in the months after, things have since gone quiet. But as we move into the winter months and the freezing air grips us once more, it’s time to start thinking about the well-being of our Monster Hunters.

And that is where the Handler’s Winter Spirit Coat comes in to play. Coming in with a £2.39 price tag, this little piece of content adds, as you may well expect, an extra costume for the Handler to Monster Hunter: World. You can access it from the Housekeeper menu in Your Room and it should see your Handler well equipped and ready for the winter weather.

Coming in alongside that Coat is some other paid content too. Priced slightly cheaper – £1.59 each in fact – are two new Gestures. The Cool Dance and the Hip Hop Dance allows you to revel in the glory of your Monster hunting moves, dropping the bomb and pulling off all the shots when you feel the need. Each of these are available individually, or as part of the £2.39 Additional Gesture Bundle 7.

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And finally we get to the free content and whilst it would be nice to see a hefty whack of Monster Hunter World goodies come our way, instead we are left with a free Sticker Set, that of the Mingle Hunter, which again, does what it says on the tin. Thankfully this set is free, because if we’re honest, if we had been asked to pay for them then we’d be left rather annoyed.

Anyways, that’s your lot – a few paid for DLC packs and one little bit of a freebie. If you’re still playing Monster Hunter: World, or just need a a reason to head back in, then they may well suffice. Get over to the Xbox Store by hitting those links above in order to grab them.


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