resident evil 2 leon 98 costume

There is no doubt about it, the remade Resident Evil 2 has taken 2019 by storm, wowing players not just with it’s immersive tales, but with some stunning visuals to boot. But what if you are still left harking back to the good old days? Well, Capcom have got you covered there too with a couple of pieces of free content that will allow the golden oldies to embrace the past.

We’ve already seen a number of new costume sets hit Resident Evil 2 since release, but today those numbers are increasing, as two new – and free – costumes become available for download. Covering both Leon and Claire, we see the Leon Costume “98” and Claire Costume “98” both arrive for Xbox players to enjoy. But what do they do? Well, they completely go against the grain and deliver some retro costume sets for the two main players in Resident Evil 2.

Blocky is not the word that should be used, but with both the Leon and Claire “98” costumes, blocky is certainly what we are getting with gamers taken back to how things were back in the day. Just look at those hands!

Whether you like the look of these costumes or not matters little though, as for free, you may as well get them downloaded asap. The Xbox Store will give up the goods so pay it a visit today and prepare to remember a time when Resident Evil 2 was king. Much like it is still today in fact!

If you haven’t yet played the remade, rebooted, remastered, rework of Resident Evil 2 then you’re missing out on an absolute treat. Have a little read of our review and then get a purchase and download in. You won’t be disappointed.

Let us know in the comments below if this old school look is something you will be embracing in Resident Evil 2 on Xbox One.

resident evil 2 claire 98 costume
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