Traditionally The Game Awards signal the end of one year, and the hype building of another, but with The Game Awards 2019, there were a ton of announcements too, with Xbox Series X the standout shout. But in terms of games, it was Remedy Entertainment who delivered the goods, announcing a new free Expeditions Mode for the stunning Control.

The winner of Best Art Direction at The Game Awards, Control most certainly delivered some gorgeous goods when it released back in August, providing us the opportunity to become The Director, and work our way through a wonderfully weird world. Today though it’s all about the free love, and with the new Expeditions Mode, that is coming in plentiful supply.

Provided via the December update for Control, the new Expeditions mode is a challenging combat experience for players who have completed the main campaign. Announced at The Game Awards – where Control was nominated for eight categories – Expeditions was teased in a new trailer, alongside that of the first DLC pack – The Foundation – which will be with us come March 26th 2020

Expeditions expands Jesse’s original story found in Control, taking her to new areas of the Threshold, each with its own unique challenges for her to overcome. And it’ll be worth your time too, as those who successfully complete Expeditions will be rewarded with rare mods and powerful crafting materials unique to the mode, as well as a new outfit for Jesse.

Available to all those who completed the main story mission “My Brother’s Keeper” in Control, by heading to the mysterious Jukebox locked away in a room in Central Executive, access to Expeditions will be given. By obtaining Jukebox Tokens, players will be able to hear the song that has the power to transport Jesse into a different dimension.

With Control available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and the Expeditions Mode availabe for free, there should really be no real reason for you not to check this one out, particularly as the base game brings such a brilliant experience. Just fire up the game, hunt down that Jukebox, and you’ll be thrust into a whole new world.

Thought the Director’s job was finished? You were wrong.

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