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We’re big fans of Mars Horizon on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, frequently found delving into the deep campaign and taking in new moments of precious space exploration. But things can always be better and come 22nd June 2021, Mars Horizon: Expanded Horizons will signal the arrival of the biggest free update for the game to date. 

Just as Mars Horizon hits the Epic Game Store come mid-June, Extended Horizons will roll out to all platforms, bringing with it new vehicles and payloads, improvements to the gameplay, an extra mission, reusable vehicles, a Sandbox mod, the Iron Core mode and more. And the best thing about it? It’ll be arriving for free. 

First up and it’s the new mission and payloads which look set to enhance the opportunities given to Mars Horizon players. The Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter arrive for use, whilst new Spacepedia entries will let you find out more about both. it’s here too where new narrative events take place, with additional cinematics present. If you somehow found yourself tiring of what Mars Horizon already allowed, this will expand things. There is also a new reusable vehicle to tackle, in the form of the Wyvern Upper. 

Further to that come the new game modes – Sandbox and Iron Core. The former of these pretty much does as you would expect, allowing for the ultimate in customisation. It’s this which will instantly unlock all upgrades, will ensure that no launches ever fail, will provide unlimited mission gameplay battery and lets you shift things around for free. You’ll also be able to move obstructions without a care in the world, whilst starting funds, a support tier and save icons will let you distinguish this mode at a glance. 

But then on the flipside is that of Iron Core – the toughest way to play Mars Horizon. You see, Iron Core mode will save after every single turn, whether you like it or not. And you know what that means? Make a wrong move and there is absolutely no going back. If you’re looking for a hardcore space trip, this is certainly it. 

Come June 22nd there will also be a range of improvements to the core gameplay, with all of the following present…

As this free update arrives on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC through Steam, expect to find a couple of vehicle packs rolling out too – namely the Distant Observations Vehicle Pack and the Early Observations Vehicle Pack. 

Obviously you’ll need the base game of Mars Horizon for any of this to make any sense. If you’ve not yet picked it up on Xbox, get over to the Xbox Store right now. 

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