Much of the draw of gaming is that from one week to the next the gaming landscape can change considerably. That is never more true than with the introduction of numerous downloadable content additions, with many games gathering up extras at a fair old rate of knots. One of those is most definitely the party favourite, Rock Band 4, and today we see two new bands arrive, providing access to a couple of new tunes for gamers to enjoy.

If you’re up for rocking out to some hits and have got some mates in tow, then loading up Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or PS4 is a sure fire way of ensuring the music will start flowing, with band members coming together as one, embracing the audio, nailing the riffs, and hitting the highest harmonies.

The latest Rock Band 4 content comes about via The Hold Steady and Sea Wolf, with the following tracks put in place for all rockers to enjoy…

Priced up at £1.69 each, neither purchase will break the bank, however should you be looking to take home a bit of cash in the process, then getting involved with some Tennessee online gambling will certainly help. If not, then the usual digital store options will be best served, with the Xbox Store providing access to the content for all Xbox One players, and the PlayStation Store doing similar for PS4 rockers.

With Sea Wolf dropping some of the best Californian indie folk tunes, and The Hold Steady taking on the mantle of Brooklyn’s finest in recent times, you can be sure that both of the tunes made available today in Rock Band 4 will be of the highest quality.

If they don’t appea to your musical tastes though then the back catelogue is one that is full of plenty of other options, with the likes of Alice Cooper and Slipknot previously dropping some Halloween themed tunes, and even Oliver Tree making his debut back in August. You’ll just have to make sure you’ve got the base game in place prior to taking in any of the content drops.

Let us know if you decide on giving the new tunes from either Sea Wolf or The Hold Steady a shot though. We’re available on all the usual social channels and would love to hear what you think about this latest Rock Band 4 content on Xbox One and PS4.