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We’d heard good things about Vampire Survivors and a peek at the Steam page cemented the positivity. But we weren’t entirely convinced it would work as well on Xbox. We were wrong, awarding it the big 5/5 in review. Now though Vampire Survivors gets all the better (if that’s possible), building on the base game with Patch V1.1 – and it adds a number of new bits including some more Achievements to go chasing. 

Vampire Survivors from the developer at poncle is magical. We can’t state that highly enough and have already lost far too many hours to the ever-evolving world that it holds. It’s got one of the most addictive gameplay loops we’ve seen for years, with a host of content pieces to unlock and the chance to build a play how you wish. 

Throw in the fact that it costs less than a coffee at £3.99, or is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Game Pass, and the whole thing just gets even more appealing. 

But poncle reckons there’s more that can be done with Vampire Survivors and today Patch V1.1 rolls out to Xbox players, as well as those on PC. That update adds a new stage, a new character, a brand new power-up and some new Achievements to go hunting down. 

You’ll find the patch arriving on Xbox and PC through Steam today and with it comes the new Tiny Bridge stage in which you’ll find yourself slap bang in the middle of two armies, fighting to the death. Thankfully then you’ll find access to a new character – that of Scorej-Oni – as well as a new Seal power-up; it’s this which will let you banish items. 

Include the usual gameplay tweaks and minor improvements that we find with any patch, alongside the addition of two new Xbox Achievements, and if you were needing an excuse to head back in and prove yourself in Vampire Survivors, you’ve just found it. 

Check out the tease below and hit up the Xbox Store or the Steam page to grab the game for yourself. 

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