train sim world 2 CSX C40-8W

Train Sim World 2 could well be thought of as something of a train fanatic’s dream. With multiple routes all lovingly recreated, and tons of trains to roll along them, it’s quite possibly the most immersive, realistic and well rounded railway simulation yet. But there’s always room for improvement and Dovetail Games have continued to keep things fresh with the addition of multiple DLC packs. Two more of which have now arrived – bringing with them some iconic workhorses. 

Available to purchase and download into Train Sim World 2 this very minute are the contents found within the CSX C40-8W DLC pack, and that of the BR Heavy Freight Pack. Both should be of serious consideration if you like your trains. 

Taking the first pack, well, first, and we see the Train Sim World 2 CSX C40-8W DLC pack come in at £11.99. As you would expect to hear from the name of the pack, this delivers the C40-8W, a diesel that was produced for a few years from the late 1980s. With the CSX name attached, this is a highly versatile piece of kit, capable of handling pretty much every job you could throw at it. Delightfully liveried in the YN2 skin, and full of the usual realistic controls and operating performances we’ve come to know and love from Train Sim World, this should well be a great addition to the game. 

Alongside that comes the BR Heavy Freight Pack. This is similarly priced (again, £11.99 will sort you out), but provides access to two icons of the British Motive Power scene – the Class 40 and the Class 08; the latter being one of the most common options rolling around the British railway network. 

Running as part of the Preserved Collection which deliver the original Train Sim World content into the sequel, you’ll need access to the previously available Northern Trans-Pennine pack in order to enjoy seeing this rolling stock inching its way around the country. 

Full details of both of these latest Train Sim World 2 DLC packs can be found below, but chances are, if you’re a fan of the game, you’ll want to consider dropping these into play. Let us know what you think – the comments section is below. 

train sim world 2 BR Heavy Freight Pack

CSX C40-8W DLC Description:

The C40-8W was produced between 1989 and 1994. GE constructed 847 of the 4,000-horsepower, six-axle (C-C) diesels as an evolutionary refinement of their advanced line of diesels that began with the “Dash 7” series. The C40-8W is visually notable for its use of the stylish “North American Cab.” CSX was a major customer for the C40-8W, with 268 of the units acquired in 1991-1993. CSX’s acquisition of a portion of Conrail brought with it an additional C40-8Ws and the CSX roster of the type thus exceeded 300 units. A versatile and powerful main line locomotive, the C40-8W could be found in a variety of services ranging from heavy unit-train duties to hustling priority intermodals and manifests. The CSX C40-8W in YN2 livery is richly detailed and features realistic controls and operating performance, and is authentically suited for duty on Sand Patch Grade.

BR Heavy Freight Pack DLC Description:

Please note: Train Sim World® 2: Northern Trans-Pennine is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. As this is part of the Preserved Collection, features remain as they were in the original release. The BR Heavy Freight Pack brings together two icons of British Motive Power, the BR Class 40, one of the first mass produced diesel-electric locomotive classes for British Railways, and the BR Class 08, perhaps one of the most common sights on the British railway network. This bumper double-loco pack brings iconic and historic heavy freight operations to the Northern Trans-Pennine route. Experience a bygone era of freight haulage as you move thousands of tons of fuel and goods over the challenging Trans-Pennine grades.

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