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Up Next – A look at the Xbox One games out in January 2018


Time flies when you are gaming and 2017 is now just a distant memory. But the time for reminiscing is over – join us as we look ahead to the month of January and the Xbox One retail releases that 2018 is bringing to ease us into the new year.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter definitely has a huge cult following, particularly in the East, but the latest Monster Hunter title in the beast-killing, open-world action RPG franchise will hopefully kick up a fuss for the series in the Western world.

As a Hunter taking up work from the ‘Research Commission’, it is up to you to either capture or kill the beasts with your hunting prowess. Using all 14 weapon types found within previous titles – Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter Generations – such as the Long Sword or ranged Bow, the name of the game is to identify each monster’s strengths and weaknesses and exploit them, utilising the various weapons and items according to the mission.

After taking up the challenge, half of the game will be spent tracking down a monster across the world, monitoring footprints and other tracks as well as spying on the monster going about his life, snapping up food and simultaneously offering you new information as to how to dispose of it.

Monster Hunter: World is designed to be a cooperative online title, working together to meet a common goal – and every little helps in the unforgiving world of Monster Hunter. However, if this doesn’t appeal to you, then you will be relieved to find out that every mission can be gone about solo.

Wanna go monster hunting?

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The latest title coming from the lucrative Dragon Ball franchise is the 2.5D Dragon Ball FighterZ – a game packed with colourful characters from the series as well as many fighting moves to perform on your opponents.

The main premise of the game is to form a crack team of three characters, working together to take down the opponent with “Assist” moves, with fighters compiling combos together. Other moves to use include “Vanish” and “Dragon Rush”, as well as the excellently named feature “Come on Shenron!”, allowing you to unite the Dragon Balls one by one by chucking a few combos and special moves into your fighting.

DB FighterZ includes special cutscenes from the anime and manga form of Dragon Ball, appealing to fans of those series’, not to mention a story featuring the likes of Goku, Frieza and Android 18, fighting against the revived Android 16.

Taking gameplay pointers from such fighters as Marvel vs Capcom, especially with the three-fighter tag team element, FighterZ will appeal to the Dragon Ball and fighting game fan.

Railway Empire

Ditch the railway set – it’s time for a new railway experience to introduce itself, coming in the form of Railway Empire; a game that tasks you with constructing a network of railways to effectively transport goods and passengers across the country.

In the extensive campaign you will be found going from coast to coast of the good ol’ US of A, thanks to 40 faithfully designed locomotives from across the eras, coming with 30 different wagons and a range of scenarios posing various objectives and challenges to test your construction mind.

Across five time eras, you will have the chance to invest in over 300 technologies making your empire more efficient – because at the end of the day that is the overall goal of Railway Empirel.

But watch out! Three fellow companies will be vying to better your empire, but by sabotaging them through the use of bandits and spies you can hopefully keep them in their corner.

If this all seems too much, then the construction mode may be for you, allowing your heart and mind to be free with no financial pressure inflicting upon your building.

Fancy being part of the wider locomotive world of Railway Empire? Surely this is worth checking out?


So 2018 is here and January is kicking off the Xbox One retail releases in style. Whilst there can be no doubting that Monster Hunter: World is the big draw, if you’re looking for something a bit different, or are a massive Dragon Ball fan, then there is something for you.

Don’t forget, you will be able to pick up each of these games in digital form too. Make sure you let us know what you’ll be grabbing by posting in the comments right down below. 

I'm an avid gamer who will play pretty much anything... but stick an open world or adventure game in front of me and I'm more than happy.


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6 years ago

[…] Up Next – A look at the Xbox One games out in January 2018  TheXboxHub (blog) […]

6 years ago

[…] Up Next – A look at the Xbox One games out in January 2018  TheXboxHub (blog) […]

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