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Up Next – A look at the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out in July 2016


The summer months are here and for a little while we’ll be scrabbling around wondering what on earth we’re going to be spending our money on. Well thankfully, Xbox owners will still have a few full retail games to make a decision over, with the following all due out on Xbox One or Xbox 360 at some point in July 2016.

7 Days to Die – Xbox One

7 days

As gamers we are trained to do whatever it takes to survive. No matter what the situation, our minds are focused on scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons from the get-go. But when we are placed in the middle of a randomly generated world with no hand-holding, and have to escape from psycho mutants, the tables turn.

And this is exactly what 7 Days to Die does to you. As a WW3 survivor, you must have your wits about you as at any moment you could drop dead from dehydration, starvation or mutant attack as you attempt to survive the days and nights. The way you go about this is by finding resources and using these to craft a whole manner of things. If you want to live you will have to build a sturdy shelter, find food and water, and be aware of the dangerously mutated humans that roam your world. Similar to the system implemented in Dying Light, you will want to get all your adventuring over during the day, as by night, the mutants get stronger and faster and you’ll therefore want to make sure you are home for sun down.

Why Should You Buy It? If you thought you were the Bear Grylls of the virtual world, then 7 Days to Die really puts you to the test. 

Ghostbusters – Xbox One


I may not be the biggest Ghostbusters nerd out there, with the words Slimer and Sparky going in one ear and out the other, however, what I do know is that, to tie in with the full movie reboot for the famous film, you can grab a friend or three, strap on those signature Proton Packs and engage in good old fashioned ghostbusting once again!

Join your friends as you patrol through the streets and buildings of Manhattan, harnessing different abilities unique to your character, and swap weapons on the go as you make decisions in choosing a weapon suited to your playstyle and the task at hand. And if all that is not enough, then you can experience a completely new story set after the events of the movie.

Why Should You Buy It? For any child growing up in the ’80s, the only thing they have ever wanted to do is bust some ghosts – Ghostbusters the video game is your best bet of experiencing just that.

Mount and Blade: Warband – Xbox One

mount and blade

It is no easy tasks to break into the world of RPGs these days, with the gargantuan franchises like The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher and Dragon Age all with their own dedicated fanbases. But put a Medieval spin on things, and allow the player to join one of multiple factions, and stick the character in an open world sandbox and you might have a chance to gain some attention.

The original Mount and Blade game simply gives the player full freedom in their actions and tasks, as there is no drawn out storyline. Battles between enemy factions begin when two or more parties meet, or organised battles can be played out in towns and villages. There are many factors as to whether you will win your battle such as leadership and how skilled your soldiers are in a certain ability. Mount and Blade: Warband is a standalone expansion pack which brings one more faction to the table, and focusses on horse mounted combat and also instructing your men into how to attack and to use different tactics.

Warband also adds a multiplayer capability, where all RPG and map elements are scrapped, and you are left to engage in a bloody war with other players.

Why Should You Buy It? Certainly the most complicated RPG I’ve seen in a while, Mount and Blade: Warband looks to expand on the original game, especially on the tactics and commandeering front.

Carmageddon: Max Damage – Xbox One

carmageddonn max damage

When we thought we had had enough destruction, madness and twisted chaos for a lifetime back in 1997, the sick world of Carmageddon is back with even more options, more over-the-top violence and more wrecking to to engage in! While labelled as a racer, Carmageddon is far from your average Forza Motorsport, with the aim of the game basically being to ram your opponents off the track with stupidly crazy powerups and your very own vehicle of mass destruction. Or, you know, you could just run down the nearest pedestrian, bear or alien in an attempt to acquire bonus points! With 10 open environments to destroy to your hearts content, 4 multiplayer events to get you to trade paint with other nutters, and a single player career with 6 event types, you can guarantee you will always have something to do, whether that be besting your score on a challenge, finishing first in a multiplayer race or simply mowing down yet another bear.

Why Should You Buy It? When the opportunity to spice things up in the violence and madness department arrives, it just has to be jumped at and the various single player and multiplayer challenges on offer should ensure you never get bored!

Prison Architect – Xbox One

prison architect pic 3

Remember all those jerks that you encountered during your time in The Escapist? Well, now you can get your own back with Prison Architect.

Prison Architect does exactly what it says on the tin – you will plan out your custom-made prison, be responsible for assigning guards and wardens to different cells, manage the jobs and activities to keep your inmates happy, and purchase new facilities and buildings to make your prison the best the world has ever seen. You will even have to decide where to specifically place your lights, drains and any other services to ensure everything is connected and working. Just make sure your inmates are content, or you may have to go to the trouble of tracking down an escapist.

Why Should You Buy It? Prison Architect is one of the most in depth building games in recent years so, if you fancy yourself as a budding architect, then you could do much worse than pick this game up.

MX vs ATV: Supercross Encore – Xbox One and Xbox 360

mx vs atv encore

MX vs ATV: Supercross was released a few years back to mixed reviews. Now though, we have MX vs ATV: Supercross Encore for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Essentially what we have here is a game where the player is able to race over different tracks on either a supercross or motocross bike, or alternatively on the four wheels of an ATV.

Encore holds five different series’ in the career mode, some which require you to ride a bike and others with an ATV – there are also various motocross companies in the game to bring that authenticity to the table. When you think you have mastered the singleplayer, then you can then hop online with up to 12 player games, and throw up dust with a local friend in 2-player splitscreen.

Why Should You Buy It? If you have ever thought of yourself as the next champion of motocross, and just don’t have the money to warrant the real thing, then MX v ATV: Supercross Encore should suit.

Forestry 2017 – The Simulation – Xbox One

forestry 2017 1

In the wonderful world of video gaming you can be many things. Cowboy, professional footballer, magical wizard, the list goes on and on. There is something for everyone and in that case, somewhere there must be a game for budding woodcutters. Yes, low and behold, Forestry 2017 – The Simulation is that game.

If you have ever wanted to drive round in huge machinery like harvesters or control a massive crane arm, then go nuts. Much like farming simulators and the like, Forestry 2017 gives you a list of tasks and then you go about your merry business of felling trees and whatever else woodcutters do. If you want to ditch being a cool space marine or badass cowboy for a bit and replace it with a more casual, relaxing job then maybe Forestry 2017 – The Simulation will be the way to go.

Why Should You Buy It? Ever wondered how much wood a woodchucker could chuck? Nah, us neither.

Joe’s Diner – Xbox One

joes diner

Every fancied working night shifts in the middle of nowhere? Joe’s Diner can be found on Route 7 and as one of their employees it’ll be up to you to keep the tables clean. At the same time though you’ll need to try and pacify the souls of two rival Indian chiefs – one who wishes to rest in peace, whilst the other tries to wind things up!

With atmospheric visuals, stunning lighting and some innovative gameplay, whilst Joe’s Diner may sound a strange beast, it could well be worth checking out.

Why Should You Buy It? Um…because you love food!?

Pineview Drive – Xbox One

pineview drive

Originally released a couple of years back on PC, it’s time for Xbox One owners to experience the horror of Pineview Drive.

An old abandoned mansion lies at the end of Pineview Drive and there, standing at its gates is a man looking for answers. 20 years after his wife disappeared without trace, with no clues, it’s up to you to help the old man uncover the mystery behind her disappearance, taking in the atmospheric, story driven adventure as you do so.

Why Should You Buy it? It’s scary, it’s atmospheric and it’s now on Xbox One!

So that’s it for July 2016. Not the busiest of months and certainly not one that contains a ton of triple A titles either, but not bad in the grand scheme of things. Let us know what you decide to pick up in the comments below…and don’t forget to give our Youtube video a like and subscribe!

I'm an avid gamer who will play pretty much anything... but stick an open world or adventure game in front of me and I'm more than happy.
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