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Up Next – A look at the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out in May 2016


The dark days of Winter are well behind us and we’ve moved into Spring with aplomb. The Xbox world is just about keeping up with things too as the month of May sees a number of new titles arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360…some of which will surely be must-buys.

Take a look at the titles arriving on a store shelf near you soon.

DOOM – Xbox One

doom pic 3

Remember when everyone’s hopes for a new DOOM title were revived back when Wolfenstein: The New Order released? Well, finally we can go back to hell and blow up some more demons!

The multiplayer beta has come along and given gamers a peek at what we can expect from the reboot of the popular first person shooter. The main premise of the game is to just be totally badass, equipping yourself with massive guns and getting the chance to test them out on huge demons. The combat system has also been reworked, with you needing to rely on speed and momentum to chain kills together if you wish to finish DOOM’s approximated 13 hour campaign.

But honestly, in most modern FPS games the campaign is more than overlooked, with players naturally turning towards the multiplayer – and who wouldn’t be if you can play around with weapons that have the power to practically make a man disappear? The traditional Deathmatch and Domination modes are present, but with the opportunity to create your own maps and modes, the possibilities are endless! DOOM has gone the extra mile in allowing you to use teleporters and even turn into one of the monsters themselves – a jetpack equipped bone munching hulk of a demon to be precise.

Why Should You Buy It? With 12 years between DOOM and the last game in the franchise, you can be sure this reboot will have everything you have ever wished for. Big guns. Flowing combat. Terrifying monsters. It has it all.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan – Xbox One & Xbox 360 

turtles pic 1

Let’s be honest, the TMNT squad haven’t had the best of runs in the last few console generations but Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael are back in New York City, ready to team up with their allies in order to stop Shredder from taking over the City. With each Turtle having his own unique fighting style and distinct abilities, it really will matter who you and your buddies pick.

Every stage is quite similar, with the Turtles defeating numerous goons and then facing an end of stage boss. So far, so normal TMNT, but the main new addition to the game is the option to upgrade your abilities, doing this in the form of green orb collectibles. No matter how far your upgrade your team, if your quick fingers fail you however, you’ll have to be revived by your co-op friend or AI. Fail to recover and you’ll be left with a life full of nothing but pizza.

Why Should You Buy It? What we want from a TMNT game is simple; quick flowing combat, a half decent story and the chance to enjoy it with friends. Mutants in Manhattan should hopefully have all of those things.

Homefront: The Revolution – Xbox One

homefront pic 2

Yes, nobody can hide it, the beta for Homefront: The Revolution was god damn awful. But has this resulted in HTR becoming just another open world shooter that we can neglect and keep at the back of our Xbox game collection?

Well, we certainly have not seen any plot or setting similar to what Homefront puts on the table. You play as Ethan Brody, a member of the resistance against the invading North Koreans in this apocalyptic, torn apart city of Philadelphia.

How you go about oppressing the enemy forces is completely your decision, but you’ll have to ensure that you scavenge parts to craft weapons and healing items should you wish to stay alive. Aside from the main single-player story you can jump into ‘Resistance’ mode, where up to four online players can work together to complete missions, similar in a way to that found in The Division. There is however one problem… it promises to be as tough as nails!

Why Should You Buy It? Let’s forget about past problems and look at the present. Homefront: The Revolution is unique in many ways – with reimagined hot-swap weapon shooting and the opportunity to help out the community, why not jump into Philadelphia and craft away?

Battleborn – Xbox One


We all know Gearbox Software as the developers behind the colourful and humorous line of Borderlands games. Now though, they wish to introduce us to Battleborn. Essentially, Battleborn is a ‘hero shooter’ which means you can play as one of 25 playable characters in either campaign or multiplayer. All of these characters suit different play styles; for example Rath is a katana wielding character, while Thorn prefers to pick off his enemies from long range with a bow in his hand.

Similar to Halo 5’s Warzone system, at the start of every match you will see yourself as nothing more than a weak level 1, creating a fair starting point for everyone. But as you rack up the kills you can invest points into upgrading your abilities – Battleborn isn’t just about colourful frenzy – it’s also got a fairly deep tactical edge to it. You (and up to three friends) can also attempt to stop the evil Varelsi in the campaign mode.

Why Should You Buy It? If you have ever treated yourself to a Borderlands title, you will know that Gearbox know how to make a good story. The simple to play, hard to master multiplayer gameplay that brings together Battleborn is surely enough for you to give it a go.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter – Xbox One


I must say I am not Holmes’ biggest fan, instead planting myself firmly in the camp of The Dark Knight as the world’s greatest detective. But if you are a fan of mysteries and adventure games then this could well be the title for you.

The story is based around the disappearance of young Katelyn. You, as Sherlock Holmes, must analyse clues related to the mystery and enter your mind palace, trying to decide on the best course of action. The Devil’s Daughter will draw you in, make you judge your own decisions and ultimately leave you feeling like you are the illustrious detective himself. You still won’t be Batman though!

Why Should You Buy It? If you just want to play a story driven, dark and gritty mystery game, then who better to experience it with than Sherlock and co?

Project Cars Game of the Year Edition – Xbox One

project cars pic 4

There always seems to be one for the petrol heads out there.

Apparently Project Cars was a bit good (our review kind of confirms that), and because of this, we will be getting a GOTY edition to satisfy our driving needs. As well as all the elements from the original game being included, we will now have 125 cars at our disposal, four more tracks to test our skills on, over 60 liveries to pimp our ride with, and over 500 minor improvements added.

Why Should You Buy It? The new features and improvements not included in the original Project Cars should create the slickest, smoothest driving simulator out there.

So, that’s it for May. A rather decent number of new games will be hitting the stores and you really should make sure you check out a few of them. Don’t forget to let us know what you pick up in the comments below.


I'm an avid gamer who will play pretty much anything... but stick an open world or adventure game in front of me and I'm more than happy.


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8 years ago

Battleborn I have an very good it is. Next I have Doom on pre order looking forward to that. Overwatch beta has been better than I thought so probably will get that, Homefront I’m still keeping an eager eye on.

8 years ago

I’m gonna get Doom intrigued about what Homfront will be like as the beta was awful, and I’m on the fence about Battleborn it’s a maybe at the moment.

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