Remember Outcast? No, not the band, but the critically acclaimed PC hit from way back in 1999? Well if you do, you’ll probably be interested to hear that a complete remake is on its way – and Outcast – Second Contact will be arriving pretty damn soon.

Due to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC in October 2017, Second Contact is a complete remake of the cult PC title, Outcast.

The first 3D open world in the history of video games and quite possibly a true pioneer for the modern action-adventure genre, the original game won over awards aplenty including the coveted adventure game of the year.

Now though, Bigben and Appeal have decided to bring Outcast up-to-date to modern gaming tastes, releasing a video series to show what’s what!

Outcast – Second Contact takes place on Adelpha, a vast open world which is free to explore and acts as the cradle of an ancient alien civilization, the Talans. The video below shows of the gameplay and the depth of its unique world, in which exploration is at the heart of adventure. Sacred portals, called Daokas, let you travel freely to the four corners of Adelpha from the very start of the game, as you search for your crewmates and the lost terrestrial probe.

To succeed on Adelpha, you’ll need to successfully complete your mission and the hundreds of side quests, by gaining the trust of the local inhabitants. You’ll need to talk with the people, negotiate with rich merchants, save oppressed farmers, take on dangerous predators and even undergo a mystic ritual with the great Shamaz priests of Adelpha. Each Talan has a unique history and personality.

With a wide variety of regions and landscapes that range from the arid plains of Motazaar to the snow-covered lands of Ranzaar, the world of Adelpha is pretty much your playground. Will you pay it a visit?

We’ll of course let you know once a release date arrives, but for now, check out that trailer below.

About Outcast – Second Contact

Take on the role of Cutter Slade, an elite soldier with a strong character, sent to an alien planet as Earth’s last chance. Explore an awesome world that merges science and magic, explore exotic native cities, take on formidable enemies and try to uncover the secrets of an advanced civilisation. Make the right choices in a living world that has its own ecosystem, because the fate of two universes depends on your success.


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