Mentally prepare yourself to take in a large amount of information on Bungie’s newest venture Destiny which is out in 2014 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Most people will know it’s an RPG shooter set in an open world and will certainly have elements of an MMO, but here are a few things you might not know.

Deciding on which class to start as from the choice of Hunter, Warlock or Titan has been made a little bit easier with the knowledge that no matter which one you choose they will all be able to use the guns that are available. The differences between them are based on class-specific Focus, these have tiers from 1-20 and unlock different abilities as you level these up, ranging from weapon and melee bonuses to unique movements like teleportation and double jumps.

They have released a few foci to wet our appetite, for example as a Warlock you can start with Circle of the Night focus that is damage dealing and comes with a super ability, the powerful sounding nova bomb. Titans have a Fist of Havoc which is based on close-quarter abilities. Each armour is class-specific and you should asses what weapons/focus will best link up with them to create the most effective combination.


Moving onto the locations we shall be journeying through, starting in The Tower (the home base for turning in quests or buy from vendors) but also be frequenting Old Russia, Moon, Venus and the red planet Mars. Whilst you are out and about in these worlds, even if you are knee-deep in another mission, side missions can pop-up.

If you fancy teaming up for a co-op mission then Raids might be the thing for you, with a huge team by your side the fight is on to overcome all the odds, almost destined to fail without pure teamwork. Should that be too challenging for you then a Strike will be a quicker co-op mission for you and friends or acquaintances.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited for this even more now, bring on the BETA!


Source: Gameinformer

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