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PDP Gaming announce their biggest ever holiday range of new accessories for Xbox One and PS4


We’re big fans of the accessories and headsets that PDP Gaming create – after all, the PDP Afterglow AG9 is still one of our very favourite headsets – and so news that the number one video game accessory company in North America have a blockbusting holiday line-up of Xbox One and PS4 accessories ready to roll is a big one – particularly if you’re in the market for a new headset.

pdp lvl50

Shipping across Europe beginning October 2019 – that’s like, um, now! – the latest PDP Gaming range is headlined by some officially licensed Xbox and PlayStation headsets, with the LVL50 and LVL40 and LVL30 headsets starring.

The holiday line-up is headlined by a new range of Gaming Headsets that have been designed for every budget, and after receiving some rather superb acclaim when they were shown off at E3 2019, it’s now time to get the headsets moving out to consumers.

Leading the way is the incredible PDP Gaming LVL50 Gaming Headset that brings a fresh design, exceptional comfort, and consistent performance. As you would expect from a PDP product, it comes with an incredible price in tow too, proving that quality need not be expensive. Officially licensed for both Xbox and PlayStation, the LVL50 Wired Stereo Headset retails for an estimated price of €49.99, whilst the wireless version – the imaginitevly named LVL50 Wireless Stereo Headset – comes in at around €79.99.

pdp lvl50 specs

But whilst the LVL50 is the star of the show, PDP also have some super cheap, super cheerful other pieces of kit too.

The LVL40 Wired Stereo Headset for PS4 or Xbox One is the next step down, coming in at €29.99 and offering long-lasting comfort. But while it is cheap on price, it’s not cheap on quality and gamers will be able to hear their enemies before they see them thanks to the two powerful 40mm audio drivers. The option to deliver clear commands through the flexible, noise-cancelling gooseneck microphone is also in place, or you can flip it up to instantly mute your voice. The LVL40 has been designed so gamers can keep an eye on their game and make quick audio adjustments with the on-ear volume control, while the breathable ear cushions help players stay cool and prevent fatigue.

pdp lvl40

If you thought the LVL40 seemed good value for money, then you’ll be amazed by the LVL30 Wired Chat Headset for PS4 or Xbox One. Priced up at a measly €14.99, this comes with a mono 30mm driver that can be worn on either the left or right ear, whilst chat can be actioned through the flexible, noise-cancelling microphone; again, it can be fliped for muting purposes. With the on-ear volume control, gamers can make quick audio adjustments without missing a target.

Also joining the new lineup of accessories is the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge system. Designed with the modern gamer in mind, this is a minimalist piece of kit, yet provides superlative charging performance. Officially licensed across both the Xbox and PlayStation lines, the PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System features magnetic ports for easy one-handed drop and charge, with automated docking alignment to take the guesswork out of whether or not it’s connected. In addition to that though are animated LED charge indicators that provide gamers with an instant charging status. The charging system features micro-suction material on the bottom of the dock to keep it in place, plus cinematic, ambient lights around the base use auto-dimming technology to lower in brightness, when the lights are off, for less intrusion.

These officially licensed charging systems come with either two rechargeable battery packs for Xbox wireless and Elite controllers, or two dongle connectors for the DUALSHOCK4 controllers. And you can be sure that they’ll fit right in to any environment too, with an ultra slim design that looks current and on-trend. These are quite possible a must-have for wireless gamers, and will be available for €29.99 at all leading retailers.

pdp battery

So, that’s the latest PDP Gaming line-up detailed, which of the options are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

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