The newest update for Peggle 2 should be making its way to your Xbox One around about now and with it comes an all new Master, achievements and objectives.

Windy the Fairy is the newest Master to join the Peggle ranks and uses her Fairy Flock power to turn blue pegs into purple ones, in turn giving you a better chance of getting those high scores.

She brings with her the standard ten new levels, thirty new objectives and three brand new achievements all for a very reasonable $1.99/£1.59.

If you’ve yet to experience the joys of Peggle 2, then why not have a read of our review.

As it currently stands, the DLC is seeing some purchase errors but we’ll let you know asap once it is available.

The DLC purchases are now working perfectly. You can fire up the game, make your way to the in game store and get your purchase made. Nice and easy!




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