Big Pharma console

What if you had the power to eradicate diseases from the world, improving lives and easing the suffering for millions of sick folk? Well, that’s a real possibility in the deep management sim Big Pharma when it arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

As the head of your own Pharmaceutical Conglomerate you have this immense power resting in your hands. But will you use it for good? The uncomfortable truth is that some remedies are more profitable than others and illness is good for business. Being totally selfless may not be the best business plan in the long run. Finding that balance between curing a disease, or not, and making cold hard cash is the real task here. Welcome to the world of Big Pharma!

It’s essentially part business sim, part logistics puzzle, because it’s one thing to work away in the lab perfecting new formulas, but turning the scientific aspect into a profitable venture means taking a more business minded approach to the problem. After all, factory space is expensive, and those fancy new machines don’t always slot nicely together.

Big Pharma is an amazing example of great management sim. It will turn you into zombie as it is nearly impossible to quit playing this game. It’s so addictive!“- said Lukasz Mach, Head of Marketing & PR at Klabater – “We hear a lot from console gamers that they seek for deeper games, especially  when it comes to mechanics. Ok guys, Big Pharma is as deep as you can imagine on any platform, so enjoy it and turn your console into a Pharmaceutical Conglomerate!.

Here’s a list of features you’ll find in Big Pharma:

  • 35 business-busting challenges spread out across 7 unique scenarios
  • Custom game mode
  • Freebuild mode
  • Tons of new ingredients and recipes to discover
  • Hi-tech machines to help you refine the next generation of world-changing drugs.
  • Wide range of business models to fit your Pharmaceutical Conglomerate

Developers Klabater have revealed that Big Pharma will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2019, so you’ve got until then to plan your business strategy. Could you overlook a potential cure in order to make more profit elsewhere? Get in touch and let us know via the comments below.

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