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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 gets a free ten hour trial



If you haven’t yet delved into the manic world of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 then you now have no excuse – a free trial is here!

Available as a digital download for £54.99 (or with a 10% discount to EA Access members), EA have obviously decided they need to push the game a little more. A new free trial, bringing ten hours of play to all, is quite possibly the best way of doing that!

EA Access members normally get the free trial anyway, but now, as long as you have access to an Xbox One, PS4 or PC, each and every one of us can get the same benefit. Admittedly, EA Access is THAT good, that you should already have a subscription and free trial anyways, but if you are one of those who hasn’t yet jumped into the EA catalogue for a measly £20 a year, then you can now also get the trial. All you’ll need is an EA account and be over 13 years of age.

With over 100 playable characters, 13 manic maps and eight crazy game modes, Garden Warfare 2 should be right up at the top of you list of games to play. Get involved in the trial and decide that the latest PvsZ romp is for you, then you’ll find all progress, achievements and stats will carry on over into the full game.

If you still need convincing after all that, our review is right here and well worth a read.

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