Post-apocalyptic action MMO Crossout has hardly been short of new content since it arrived back in May 2017, but that doesn’t mean things are set to stop there, and with Update 0.9.0 just around the corner there is more content set to arrive and expand the world of Crossout even further.

Whilst the new update isn’t quite with us just yet – we’re looking at Jan 23rd – players are still able to get a look into what they can expect to find when the full update rolls around – some parts from the new Firestarters Faction are available in game now for players to try out.

The in-game event – Hot Spot, allows players to collect a temporary Lighters resource. This item can then be exchanged for decorative items, car parts, and weapons of the Firestarters ahead of their arrival in game.

The Firestarters themselves are a new Faction who religiously worship fire. Whilst they pretend to have mystical powers, it’s their use of guns in battle that make them a truly fearsome enemy, and with catapults, destructive flamethrowers and much more, there are plenty of reasons to be making sure you’re on the right side before heading into battle.

One of the most exciting new weapons is the Harpoon gun, and this allows players to hook onto other enemies, allies and even the surrounding environment. This can then be used to aid allies by helping them out of the way of enemy fire or used as an extra weapon to pull enemies into their own weapons or worse still, into other weaponised vehicles.

Other items available include the Shiv – a spiked wheel that will be well utilised by anyone who likes to get right into the battle with close quarters combat, and the Bat cabin which is well suited to those with medium-sized vehicles who want to carry the new Firestarter weaponry, but also want a powerful cabin.

It’s worth noting that the Firestarter equipment is currently only available from the Hot Spot event so anyone wanting to get in on the new items will need to get involved now. However, with items currently limited on the market, this also marks a fantastic opportunity to get in and make a profit on the in-game market by selling the new parts and weapons before the update arrives.

Will you be heading into the post-apocalyptic world of Crossout to make the most of the Hot Shot event? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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