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There’s a new co-op puzzle platformer in the works from Graffiti Games and Long Neck Games; one in which sacrificing your brother is actively encouraged and death is but a tool to progress. Fortunately, resurrection is also possible in the appropriately titled, REZ PLZ.

Coming next year on Xbox One and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux), REZ PLZ is a pixel art puzzle platformer where 1-2 players take control of two wizard brothers, Arcan and Zeph, who possess the power of resurrection. They must band together in order to overcome the platforming challenges and puzzles ahead, with teamwork a crucial aspect. While traversing through the five different biomes of the world, you will encounter dangerous monsters and traps that require you to actually kill one of the wizard brothers to advance. 

Thanks to a magical scroll though, the brothers are able to resurrect each other from a multitude of one-hit deaths; ranging from being sliced in half, eaten by creatures, smashed by boulders, burned alive and more. As you make progress, new spells will be unlocked that grant the necessary abilities to conquer the increasingly difficult challenges you’ll face.

“REZ PLZ is a game that makes death another part of the adventure,” said Nathan Pearce, developer at Long Neck Games. “Whether it’s deciding on your own which brother to sacrifice or working with a friend to choose who will die, death makes for a dark yet fun experience that has you coming back for more.”

Once we find out a concrete release date for REZ PLZ’s launch next year we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, why not discover the many ways to die in the latest gameplay trailer…

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