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Are you ready for some Morta combat? The brilliant Children of Morta has now been updated with a brand new free Family Trials mode.

It’s been a couple of years since we first had the opportunity to head to new distant lands with Children of Morta, but when the action-RPG with roguelike elements did release on Xbox One and PS4 back in 2019 it provided some unique opportunities; an emotional story, a decent amount of dungeon crawling and a huge sense of progression. Now though 11 bit Studios are looking to enhance the game even more.

Available now is Children of Morta’s biggest update yet, one that is being pushed out to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC players as they get the chance to chop their way through perilous dungeons, complete objectives, and construct the ultimate character build to purge the Corruption once again.

This update brings with it a new free Family Trials game mode. Fully focused on combat, it brings to the fore Zyklus, a unique and abnormal dungeon which is located somewhere in the world of Rea. It is this which is central to the Family Trials mode, you see, Zyklus is affected by world-consuming Corruption and its rapidly changing rules and environments mean that upon entering the dungeon you may never be fully prepared for the mortal dangers that lay ahead.

Totally separate from the story-focused main game mode of Children of Morta, Family trials offers new systems, items, character build possibilities, and more – all set in a series of completely randomized dungeons. It also brings a new challenge to the game – most of your progress is lost when you die. Whether we like that idea of not is up for debate!

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Family Trials Mode features include:

  • Objectives – Complete main objectives and optional side objectives to advance to the next floor. Objectives vary from protecting the Rea Laborers from waves of enemies to fighting in the arena to surviving the flood of corrupted adversaries, and more!
  • Additional difficulty levels – Unlock two additional difficulty levels: Hard and Insane. The higher difficulty, the more levels you have to beat!
  • Character builds – Experiment with your character builds and learn from your mistakes to best your consecutive dungeon runs.
  • Each level is a new adventure – Levels are completely randomized each time you enter the dungeons.
  • It’s the whole family – All Bergson family members and their active abilities are available from the very beginning.

But that’s not all and with the new update further new systems, items and ideas pop up. They are:

  • The Skill Tree is replaced with a new Talent System – Each time a character levels up, they get to choose a new Talent.
  • Runes no longer drop in the dungeons – They become a part of the Talent System instead.
  • Divine Relics and Divine Graces have two additional power tiers – You can upgrade them in the special shop or find them in dungeons.
  • Item upgrades vary from simple stat boosts to additional special traits unlocked for each item.
  • 40 talents per character – Stack upgrades and modifications for your skills and passives to dominate your enemies.
  • In-game deeds with special rewards to help you survive Family Trials. Complete them to start your run with bonus HP, instant level up, extra gemstones, or even free items.
  • Gem shards work as the main currency in Family Trials mode – Use them in the new shop to gamble for rewards, upgrade your equipment, and buy new shinies.
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Should you have a copy of Children of Morta to hand on any of Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or PC then the new free Family Trials update should well have enough about it to drag you back in for more. If you’re an Xbox player you’ll find it from the Xbox Store and available on Xbox Game Pass too.

Give the latest trailer below a watch – and consider a watch of the Family Fireside Fables too – get your game updated and let us know if you’re up for a piece of the new Morta Combat…


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