Stretch Armstrong has nothing on the protagonist in Grab the Bottle, who possesses an infinitely stretchy arm and a penchant for getting his hands on a bottle, no matter the obstacle lay before him. So, are you ready to navigate hazardous areas and obtain his precious bottles in the latest puzzler to hit the Xbox One?

Grab the Bottle is set in rural America and follows the main character from birth to death across a number of levels, tasking the player with mastering the physics of an ever-extending arm in order to reach the all important bottle of each level. You’ll need to manoeuvre the arm, retracting and extending through areas such as an amusement park and a tree house. As is the puzzling nature of the game, it’ll get trickier to overcome the many different hazards and obstacles on the route to glory, requiring some objects to be moved out of the way.

At a cost of just £3.99, you can own Grab the Bottle for Xbox One by heading over to the Microsoft Store immediately. If you’re not convinced enough to make a purchase just yet – despite the low price – hang fire for our full review which will be live later today!

Game Description:

Grab the Bottle is a quirky puzzle game in which you solve puzzles by stretching your arm through the level. You need to maneuver an ever-extending arm to grab the goal bottle, avoiding anything hazardous on the way. To make things more tricky, Grab the Bottle brings physics and puzzles to the mix. You must grab, pull and drop objects to get to the goal bottle. On the way you will find different kinds of obstacles that need to be dealt with. The story of the game begins in the 50s, somewhere in rural America, where one particularly strong minded baby is taking his first steps and discovers that anything is possible. Especially as he seems to have an infinitely stretchy arm. Grab the Bottle follows the life of this boy, from cradle to grave, solving many levels of puzzles inspired by “real life problems” on the way. Central element to the story is the specific craving for bottles the main character has. Features: – Innovative, twisted way of solving puzzles by stretching and retracting your arm – Story mode with dozens of levels set in locations ranging from attics to amusement parks, around 7 to 10 hours total – Awesome soundtrack featuring various styles of music, reflecting different life-phases of the main character

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