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Think you got the skills? Prove it in Raven’s Hike on Xbox!

Available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Raven’s Hike is the latest to come out of the QUByte Interactive publishing team, following on from their previous offerings like Fluffy Cubed and The Humans by PIKO

This one is a 2D precision platformer; a game that will allow you the chance to hone your platforming skills like never before as you go about utilising a grapple hook in order to work your way through numerous levels and stages. 

It’s well priced, just like most other QUByte games (£3.29 from the Xbox Store feels a steal) and should have enough about it to keep you busy for an evening or two. When you include a difficulty curve which slowly increases as you make progress, and mastering what Raven’s Hike is all about should become a bit of a test. 

We’re well versed in the use of grappling hooks – Just Cause and Halo Infinite have spoilt us – but we’re more than up for checking out how this one works in Raven’s Hike. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review from us just as soon as we’ve been hands on. 

To get access to a copy of Raven’s Hike for yourself, head to the Xbox Store. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it too – the comments are below.

Game Description:

Raven’s Hike is a 2D precision platformer, challenging game that requires the player to discover the best route to finish the levels that have a little bit of puzzles, which all movement is based on the main character grappling hook. The difficulty curve gradually increases as you progress in the game, requiring a mastery control and more precise moves. Prepare your platform skills (and your grappling hook, of course) to enjoy this amazing experience.

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