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We are edging closer and closer to the next generation of console. And with a release date just announced for one of our most anticipated titles of 2020 at TXH towers just revealed, it feels just that little bit closer.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon may be one of the titles that releases across both generations, but it has re-affirmed that it will be available on launch day for Xbox Series X. That remains sometime in November. The release for the Xbox One version (and PS4 and PC) has just been announced for 13th November 2020.

It’s a Friday 13th, but we’re sure with this news that it’ll be a good one! If you can’t wait that long though, take a look at the three Yakuza games currently available on Xbox Game Pass.

And accompanying that release date news is a brand-new trailer highlighting some of the jobs you can choose from in the combat:

Yakuza: Like a Dragon brings with it a host of new elements to the series. A new protagonist in the form of Ichiban Kasuga, who players join just after his release from prison. There is a new region to explore with Yokohama, that will be split into several distinct districts. And as you can see from the trailer above, the combat has gone turn-based and we get a brief glimpse at some of the jobs on offer. With jobs such as break dancer, idol, chef and more, get ready to bash heads whilst singing and swinging a ladle around.

The new combat system is because Kasuga himself is an avid RPG fan and is constantly daydreaming he is the star in one. Even when he is fighting opponents to bloody pulps, he still does it dreaming of the turn-based mechanics of old-school JRPGs. It’s all very meta.

Now that the release date has been announced – 13th November 2020, don’t forget – have you decided which version of the game to pick up? You have a choice of three: The Day Ichi Edition is the standard edition and is priced at £54.99. The next step-up is the Hero Edition at £64.99 that comes with the Devil Rocker and Matriarch jobs for battling and extra characters for the Management Mode roster. Finally is the Legendary Hero Edition at £74.99 that comes with all the above, plus the Karaoke and Crafting Mat sets. All pre-orders also come with the Legends Costume Set, giving you the chance to kit out characters with the outfits of Kiryu-chan, Majima and more from previous Yakuza games.

One more time, 13th November 2020 for the release date. And let us know which version you will be picking up in the comments!

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