If you think of yourself as a skater, a gamer or just someone who loves music, then this week’s downloadable content for Rocksmith 2014/Remastered is going to appeal…massively. For this week we see five unmistakable skate rock tracks arrive, with the star of the show being something which will bring back plenty of memories. But that’s not all, as a whole host of previously released individual songs have now also made their way to ‘pack’ status. Basically, it’s a big old week if you’re a Rocksmith player!

First things first, and available to purchase, download, learn, play and then ultimately master on Rocksmith 2014 and Rocksmith Remastered on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC are the following awesome skate tracks, from some hugely awesome skate rock bands…

  • Goldfinger – Superman
  • Millencolin – No Cigar
  • Lagwagon – May 16
  • Bad Religion – You
  • Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide

As always, you can grab each individual track for just £2.39, whilst the full Skate Rock Song Pack will set you back £9.59. That, to us, seems like a steal and the second you hear the opening riff for Superman, those memories from crashing, burning, tricking and flipping from way back in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater will come flying back. If it doesn’t, then well, I guess Lagwagon and Bad Religion will be able to other plenty of excitement.

But that’s not all this week and you may well be pleased to notice a number of other packs now available. Due to the length of time Rocksmith has been around, there are a whole host of individual tracks which initially weren’t available to purchase in a pack. This was due to legal complexities which we won’t bore you about, but now, finally, the Rocksmith team have sorted those issues and been able to provide us with the following…

  • Power Ballad Song Pack (5-pack: Cinderella, Tesla, Extreme, Boston, and Poison)
  • Classic Riff Song Pack (5-pack: Rick Derringer, Warrant, Styx, Dio, and Motörhead)
  • Arena Rock Song Pack (5-pack: Poison, Billy Squier, Autograph, Winger, and Dio)
  • 70s Rock Song Pack (3-pack: Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Ted Nugent)
  • Yacht Rock Song pack (5-pack: Toto, Rupert Holmes, The Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald, and Daryl Hall and John Oates)
  • Classic Song Pack (3-pack: Roy Buchanan, James Gang, and Bill Withers)
  • 90s Rock Song Pack (3-pack: Everclear, Silverchair, and Spin Doctors)
  • Female Lead Song Pack (3-pack: Heart, Halestorm, and Flyleaf)

The pricing structure of the above is as you would usually expect with the 3-song packs hitting for £6.39 and the 5-track versions for £9.59. If you had previously looked at any of these songs and thought you would like to get involved with them, but were holding out hope on purchasing a bundle, now is your chance.

The Xbox Games Store, or the Playstation Store should you decide to purchase content for a different format, will be awaiting your cash.

Surely it’s worth the memories?

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