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It’s the eighth main entry in the iconic Resident Evil franchise, and today Capcom have not just confirmed the full release date for Resident Evil Village, but have dropped a host of neat new horror details to boot. 

Following on from the likes of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and multiple remasters of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Village – or Resident Evil 8 if you must – will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Steam come May 7th 2021. 

With Smart Delivery options in place for those looking to move through the generations, all bases are covered, as they are with the gameplay menu pieces too – Capcom have pushed out new extended gameplay footage and covered the announcement of the multiple side of things in Resident Evil Re:Verse.

Whilst a Resident Evil Village demo is only available on PS5, when the full game does come along we’ll see the tale continuing the story of Ethan Winters; a tale that was first set in motion during RE7 Biohazard. This time around we’ll be witness to the usual series scares, the usual pulse-pounding action, and the usual survival horror elements that have made the franchise much loved. 

In our first extensive look at gameplay, the development team have revealed several new details to the game, with some features which harken back to fan-favourite elements from previous Resident Evil games. This time around protagonist Ethan will be able to purchase and sell items, buy recipes for crafting, and customize weapons with a merchant – The Duke. Using materials found throughout the game, he will be able to craft invaluable consumables needed to survive the terrors of the village, yet making the most of these provisions will also involve more strategic planning. Don’t worry though, even though a revised inventory system based on space management will be in place, it’ll be something that is entirely familiar to series fans.

Further to that and teases have been made in regards the enemies too. Ethan will find himself going up against many threats such as fast-moving creatures that relentlessly stalk him and Lady Dimitrescu’s mysterious daughters who can transform into swarms of insects. Village’s disparate lineup of adversaries will have their own distinctive ways of attacking, so players will need to adapt their strategies with quick decisions on when to attack, guard or flee in order to survive. Thankfully Ethan will come fully equipped with a new kick move in his arsenal to create distance from enemies and buy precious time to decide his next move.

The 25th anniversary of Resident Evil is due to be fully celebrated in March 2021, but things are gearing up right now. Alongside the whole Resident Evil Village knowledge comes access to a free multiplayer experience – Resident Evil Re:Verse. This will be native to Xbox One, PS4 and PC – with Series X|S and PS5 options running through back-compat. More info on how this will all play out is promised as we move forward but expect to find some of the most popular Resi characters battling it out in 4-6 player deathmatches, all brought to life in comic style. 

If you’re interested in what Resident Evil Village is able to deliver, hold tight for that May 7th 2021 release, unless of course you have access to a PS5 where the Maiden demo should be available. 

You can pre-order Village already though – the Xbox Store will sort you out with the required Xbox goodies, including the Standard Edition for £54.99, the Deluxe Edition for £64.99 and even a full Resident Evil Village & Resident Evil 7 Complete Bundle bringing together the latest and greatest for £74.99.  Let us know how excited you are for Resident Evil Village. The comments are below. 

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