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Deck13 Spotlight and Radical Fish Games have revealed that their sci-fi RPG CrossCode is coming to Xbox One this year, with it being playable for those attending the GDC 2019 event.

CrossCode takes the best part of two popular genres, finds a good balance between them and trys to ensure a great game is the end result. What that essentially means is that you get the puzzles of Zelda-esque dungeons whilst also being rewarded with the great variety of equipment you know and love from the RPG genre, all in aid of creative a massive adventure across seven different areas and eight expansive dungeons.

Along the way there are upwards of 100 quests to tackle, including a variety of tasks and unique challenges. During the fast-paced battles ahead you will have to use the tools you find on your journey to reveal and exploit the enemies’ weaknesses, whilst at the same time you can choose equipment and skills for a more in-depth approach in fighting these enemies – of which there are over 120 types to encounter and 30+ boss fights.

With GDC just around the corner, held from 18th-22nd March in San Francisco, it’s the ideal place to have some hands-on time with CrossCode if you’re at the event, with it playable at the Microsoft Booth. Then you can truly get a sense of the blend in genres it has by combining 16-bit SNES-style graphics with butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system, and engaging puzzle mechanics, all of which is delivered alongside a gripping sci-fi story.

Everyone else interested in playing CrossCode on Xbox One will just have to bide their time as we first must await a concrete release date for it in 2019. And we’ll be sure to let you know once that’s been unveiled, so stay tuned.

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