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Ribbit – SokoFrog is a new puzzle pusher

SokoFrog on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
SokoFrog is a new box-pusher on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Got a box-pushing puzzle itch that needs scratching? The SokoFrog may well be able to give it the lick you need. 

Available to purchase, download and play right now is SokoFrog. It’s the latest from the super-prolific Eastasiasoft team, as they continue the fill the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch storefronts with all manner of indie gems. This one is priced at £4.19 – and that’s most certainly punt territory. 

Frogs can push boxes too

Drop in to SokoFrog and you’ll be treated to another sokoban styled puzzler. There are a huge number of these available on the market, with the likes of SokoBunny, SokoCat – Combo and even Sokobalien covering various bases. But now it’s time for those little frogs to come hopping to the fore. 

Working a top-down view with pixel-arted visuals, your goal is to help your little frog mate push a ton of boxes on to some special tiles. Do so and a doorway will open, because providing another test of the mind. With some 150 stages in total, we’d suspect that SokoFrog will keep you going for a couple of nights too. 

But there are further traps to be aware of. A Bomberman-styled bomb makes an appearance, as do ice blocks and more, all as a number of level themes play out. Chuck in some froggy skins and you’ve got a delight on your hands. 

Key features

  • Solve tricky block-pushing puzzles across 150 challenging stages!
  • Master new mechanics as stage themes change and grow more complex.
  • Push key blocks onto corresponding switches to unlock doors and advance!
  • Avoid spikes and pitfalls, destroy crates, watch out for water traps and more.
  • Retry levels as many times as it takes and replay cleared stages to improve your skills!
  • Unlock new skins for your adorable frog!

Buy now!

SokoFrog is available to purchase and play via the Xbox Store, on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. It’s fully optimised for latter consoles too. 

Alternatively, play on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. 

Our full review of SokoFrog on Xbox will be along soon. Keep an eye out for it. 

SokoFrog Description

Embark on a colorful puzzle adventure as you guide a block-pushing frog through forests, caves, dungeons and more!

Pushing puzzles get a colorfully cute twist in SokoFrog, a top-down pixel art adventure for the whole family! Help your little frog friend navigate tricky stages by pushing special blocks onto their matching tile switches. Key blocks, star blocks, fire blocks, ice blocks and more await as stages shift between 5 themes, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics.

There’s plenty to explore across 100 main puzzle stages and 50 extras, plus you can unlock 15 different skins for your froggy protagonist!

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